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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

SPC-XXXX has been allocated a Standard Safe-Class Object Locker. Approval of at least one member of staff with Level-3 security clearance or above is required before removal of object.
Anomalous effects caused by SCP-XXXX are activated by skin contact with the artefact. Those not wishing to experience these effects are to wear latex gloves when handling SCP-XXXX.


SCP-XXXX is an artefact recovered from [DATA EXPUNGED], however was only recently discovered during a routine inventory check. SCP-XXXX is a 5”x8” photograph of a grassy area with a tree in the center. The photo is of poor composition, with no obvious focal point or intention for having taken the photograph.
Upon an individual’s skin contact with the artefact, a false memory will be implanted in the mind of the individual. The memories differ from viewer to viewer, however all memories reported have distressed or upset the subjects to various levels of severity and are of a violent or malevolent nature.
When skin contact with the artefact is broken, the individual will have no recollection of the memory, however, some subjects have subsequently complained of a feeling of mournfulness and despondency after the test.

Addendum XXXX-1A: Interviews

Interviews were carried out by Dr. Durfene and Agent Ebert in order to aggregate qualifiable data before SCP-XXXX is returned to storage. Below are a few selected interviews.

Addendum XXXX-1B: Location pictured in SCP-XXXX

Research of satellite imagery has led to a successful match of location pictured in SCP-XXXX. However actual location does not match locations mentioned in interviews.

Research team-XXXX were sent to ███████████, Somerset, England to review the site. A small airtight box was found buried approximately 10cm below ground underneath the pictured tree. Inside the box was a photograph [SCP-XXXX-1] the same size as SCP-XXXX.

Researchers on the team have all stated that the photograph was of themselves, at that present moment, looking inside the box. The picture appeared to be taken from behind them, approximately four meters away, at an elevation of approximately three meters.

On the reverse side of SCP-XXXX-1 was a note which read as follows:

“███████, we have been watching.

Oh! What rectitude! What nobility! The history books will surely describe you in a Saint-like light. Do you think you can simply waltz into the abyss, leaving your worldly troubles behind?

And on that dark night before your dying day, mere hours from losing whatever significance your life ever had, we will be celebrating. Every wicked and heinous act you have ever committed will be paid back to you in full. We are the sufferers of your sin, and we are waiting for you.”

After having read the note, researches noticed the picture had begun to react with the light and within twenty seconds, the photograph had overexposed to complete black. The text on the reverse remains intact.
Another team were subsequently sent to excavate site. No further artefacts were found. Location has been secured by the Foundation and protected under UK legislation ‘Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Areas Act 1979’.

Research team-XXXX have returned SCP-XXXX-1 along with the airtight box to The Foundation. Extensive testing to find the origin of SCP-XXXX-1 and/or the airtight box have proved inconclusive.

Addendum XXXX-1C: Article from ███████████ Gazette containing information relating to location pictured in SCP-XXXX

The following excerpt is of an article from the ███████████ Gazette dated 06/06/1990. It describes a suicide that took place at the location pictured in SCP-XXXX:

A fifteen year old boy was found near ████████████████ park early on Sunday morning. His death has been ruled as a suicide and police are not treating the death as suspicious.
William Hook, of ████████████ Drive, ███████████, was a student at ███████████ High School. A teacher who wished to remain anonymous said the boy was ‘kind of a loner’ and that he was ‘bullied by most of his peers’.
William’s mother, Ms. Annabelle Hook is yet to make a public statement.

An investigator from the Foundation was sent to the town of ███████████ to ascertain information pertaining to the Hook family. It was discovered that William and Annabelle lived alone and had attained a certain level of notoriety within the local community. Annabelle was described by locals as ‘very strange’, with some locals casting accusations of witchcraft.

After William’s death, locals claim Annabelle was often seen at the site where William died, leaving 'peculiar' tributes for her deceased son. Our investigator was unable to speak with Ms. Hook as she passed away in April, 1992 of ‘natural causes’.

Foundation staff active on this case have concluded that Ms. Annabelle Hook is most likely responsible for producing SCP-XXXX and/or SCP-XXXX-1.