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SCP 3127: 'Gator-Aide'

Class: Euclid

Secure Containment Procedures: SCP 3127 is to be kept in Site-██, in a secure locker locked with a digital keypad, the code of which to be changed every six months. Only Researchers level-3/3127 are to have access to this code.

As of Incident 3127-A all testing is to be done with D class accompanied by at least two (2) armed guards.

Description: SCP 3127 appears to be an twelve pack of ██████ Sports Drink with the typo of 'Gator-aide'. When fed orally to Alligator mississippiensis it causes extremely heightened aggression and a massive growth of ~███ percent. It also has the properties of re-sealing itself and regenerating any liquids taken after a period of 48 hours.

When fed orally to Crocodylinae, however, it causes massive exsanguination from all orifices, followed by the animal bursting into small chunks of flesh.

How the liquid within SCP 3127 causes these reactions is unknown, as it is chemically identical to normal ██████ Sport Drink.

Addendum: SCP 3127 was discovered after the interception of police calls in the ███████, LA area, regarding large and aggressive Alligators.

MTF Epsilon-6 ("Village Idiots") was dispatched to investigate and contain the area. Upon arriving they found a deceased alligator, far larger than normal, and several eye witness accounts of the reptile being fed SCP 3127 by a family member; who apparently owned the animal as a pet.

Class-B amnestics were administered to the family. Class-A amnestics being administered to the emergency response team, who had terminated the animal. The animal carcass was also retrieved for study.

Audio recording of Incident 3127-A

Forward: Test chamber 37-B is reserved, and a single live Alligator mississippiensis is placed within. A glass of SCP 3127 is given to a D Class subject before they enter the room.

Researcher Z. Ford: Beginning test to confirm anomalous properties of SCP 3127.

Researcher Z. Ford: Alright D-37628 please collect the glass filled with SCP 3127, and proceed into the room.

D-37628: Alright, alright doc, you ain't gotta be pushy. [Tapers off into incoherent grumbles]

D-37628: HOLY [EXPLETIVE DELETED] DOC! Why the [EXPLETIVE DELETED] would you stick me in here with a 'gator?!

Researcher Z. Ford: None of that now, D-37628. Please throw SCP 3127 into the mouth of the Alligator.

D-37628: What?! Are you out of your mind? I ain't getting near that thing!

Researcher Z. Ford: Toss SCP 3127 into the alligator's mouth D-37628 or I will call security to have them escort you to punishment detail.

D-37628: [Incoherent grumbles] Alright, sheesh.

[Shuffling noises determined to be D-37628 approaching the alligator. Followed by a territorial hissing by the alligator.]

D-37628: Alright doc. The gators got it's mouth open, i'm throwing the drink!

[Sound of liquid splashing.]

D-37628: What the hell?! Why the hell is it growing! OH GOD! It's ATTACKING ME! GET IT OFF! GET IT OFF! [Tapers off into pained screams and the sounds of crunching bones, followed by gurgling of the D Class subject.]

Researcher Z. Ford: [Speaking into phone attached placed within the control room.] I need a security team down to Test Chamber 37-B Immediately. Test Subject is highly dangerous and… OH hell it broke the glass! HELP!!!! [Sound of glass shattering and frantic footsteps.]

Audio Recording Ended