Skill book

Item #: SCP-3057
Object class: Safe

Special containment procedures SCP-3057 appears to be a book consisting of 500 blank pages with a blank cover. SCP-3057 is six inches long and four inches wide. SCP-3057 is to be kept on a podium in a small cell.

Description SCP-3057's anomalies appear when someone desires to learn a skill. When they say the skill they would like to learn. SCP-3057 would then begin to levitate for approximately 30 seconds then descend back on the podium with a title relating to the skill desired to be learned. When the person opens SCP-3057 the pages will be filled with useful information about the skill. After reading SCP-3057 fully the person will have known everything about the skill they wanted to learn. When they close the book it will begin to levitate for another 30 seconds before descending to the ground. When the person opens SCP-3057 again they will find it blank. If they say another skill they desire to learn
SCP-3057 will remain blank.