Scp - 6606 The Devil's Child

Item # - Scp -6606

object class - Keter

Special Containment procedures Scp - 6606 is kept in a three (3) room cell with full furniture, plumbing, and electricity. TV and female products are given when needed. Subject is allowed to freely roam when in a good mood. No one is allowed to anger or be violent towards her, in fear of triggering her Demonic mode/form. Twice a week an exorcism is required to keep it from using ANY of it's abilities. It is required to have one straight jacket on, blessed by pastors and have a cross painted on the back, as well as to be surrounded by salt and other crosses until Scp-6606 is becoming more passive.

Description Scp - 6606 appears to be a female teenager about 17 to 18 years of age with golden eyes, slight tan skin, black and blue hair with her sides shaved, multiple piercings, stands about 5' 2", hospital bandages, Wears an ankle length black jacket with a high collar when out of cell, as well as either a blue mask with horns, black triangle eyes and a black jagged mouth or a half mask covering her mouth and nose that looks like an insane mouth with sharp teeth and a pair of green and gold steampunk style googles on her head, and a pair of blue converses.

Scp -6606 refers itself as "Raven", daughter of the devil. When "Raven" is angered, it goes into a demon state. It looks [REDACTED], having everyone giving it the name Devil's Child. For those who have survived it's raged state tell the same statement. "The Devil's child has come for her throne".

It personality varies between it angered state and it passive state. Of course it angered state is unpredictable and heavily violent and destructive. In it passive state, it acts as any other High schooler or teens it's age.

Additional notes Scp-6606 has been found at an occult sighting surrounding by multiple dead bodies and a couple getting violently possessed. it soon turned into a shadow figure and ran off into a nearby city and started to have the city have the citizens get violently possessed. Once captured, holy water was pour on to it to harm scp-6606 a bit and have it be unconscious.

Addendum Scp-6606-1: When exposed to Scp- 073 and Scp-076-2, they reacted as if it was royalty and followed it's every order blindly as if they were being her servants. On one occasion all three of them escaped and unable to locate them. Once located, all three were as if human's themselves, leaving the humans fooled. But one thing that had been noticed is that Scp-073 ability to kill organic plants has stopped. More experiments will follow.

Addendum Scp-6606-2: Another has been placed, putting Scp- 6606 and Scp-049 in a cell. It went as if they were both were still a part of a family. It had shocked all of the doctors. Further testing will be viewed.

Addendum Scp-6606-3: An experiment has been conducted in placing Scp-6606 in Scp-106 chamber. In observation, it seemed that they were speaking together in french. Once the experiment ended, we conducted an interview with "raven". it said, and we quote, 'He's ancient. Calling him the old man is right from his looks and from his past. *Laughs* War… a petty thing that humans call, unable to stop.'

Addendum Scp-6606-4 A containment breach had occurred, having Scp-6606 successfully escaped foundation custody. Once found it was found in a town near a church burning from the inside as if it were lava. We managed to knock it out with anesthetic and holy water, and bring it back to it's containment cell. Higher monitoring and security at scp-6606 has been requested.

Interviewed: Scp-6606

Interviewer: Dr. █████

Foreword: Interview, day after being re-contained.

<Begin Log, 3:45 p.m.>

Interviewer: Now why have you been so…??

Scp-6606: Destructive? Devil-Like? uncooperative? For one, i can say there are somethings that are beyond your control. I, in someway, watch over that. The destruction. The chaos. Your demons. *chuckles* A death. We are all a part of a circle of living mush waiting for our deaths. But if you have lived as long as I have, you all you see is the destruction of your pathetic kind called humans.

Interviewer Reports say that your physical body is the descendant of Scp- 049, or The Plague Doctor. But you say as well as others that you are the Devil's child.
Scp-6606: That maybe true, but if you think about it does it matter. We are all monsters here hiding under a mask we wear showing a facade of who we want to be. *lifts mask up showing a cut up smile, fangs, and solid black eyes dripping blood* And some aren't afraid to show it. puts mask back down, and attacks the MTF, kills Dr.█████, destroying about half of the site, and escaped the facility

<End Log, 3:55 p.m.>

Closing Statement: Requesting to neutralize Scp- 6606 with all efforts.