Ravens Sandbox

Item #: SCP-XXX
Object Class: Keter
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXX is to be kept in a warehouse surrounded by provisional containment site [DATA REDACTED], using the cover story of a military weapons testing area to deter any civilian entrance. Any civilians recovered from the site should be administered Class-A amnesic and retained on the site in a chemically-induced coma for 96 hours until all possible effects of SCP-XXX's venom has worn off.
SCP-XXX should be kept under constant video surveillance, with at least three fully manned armed vehicles in accordance with the specified design (See document SCP-XXX-01) on call at all times to respond to security breaches. Entrance to SCP-XXX is only permissible to D-Class personnel, and then only between the months May-June when SCP-XXX cannot reproduce at all. (See addendum XXX-01) Any further instances of SCP-XXX should be incinerated on sight and the ashes [DATA EXPUNGED].
In the event of a containment breach, MTF Theta-4 should be summoned and should attempt to subdue SCP-XXX with flamethrowers and rockets mounted on the manned armed vehicles, and should remain at the maximum range until all protruding tentacles are destroyed. D-Class personnel instructed in use of welding and construction should then enter the building and repair any damage caused to the containment unit and any personnel who enter the building are considered lost and the bodies irrecoverable.

Description: SCP-XXX is a tendril-sprouting plant, which appears to be some distant relative of the [DATA EXPUNGED] plant. Further DNA testing has proved inconclusive, owing to the aggressive nature of the plant.

When a complex living organism enters the reach of a tentacle, SCP-XXX will extend its tentacle and wrap it around the organism's neck and raise it off the ground and strangle it. The deceased organism will then be pulled towards a 'stalk' of the plant and bound in place by more tendrils.
SCP-XXX has displayed a tendency to display those it killed, and will sometimes keep a subject alive but paralyzed using small needle-like tendrils to inject potent venom that contains a paralytic and a hallucinogen (Similar to that found in LSD, but with longer lasting and more vivid effects) into the cranium of the subject. When the subject has begun to die of dehydration, the plant will smother the subject and then display the remains.

SCP-XXX has also shown signs of advanced communication skills, using restrained subjects as interpreters by ripping out and 'hijacking' their vocal cords. It has expressed a desire to spread itself, and requests that it should be allowed to. Request denied (See addendum XXX-02.)
SCP-XXX was acquired after a pregnant woman was found with her baby [DATA EXPUNGED] and replaced by a seed pod, and was contained after ██ people were killed.

Addendum-XXX-01: D-XXX-4205 entered the building during May 20██ to perform a routine repair operation. He noted that the warehouse was extremely humid, and that SCP-XXX had 'Leaf sacks of what looked like potatoes hanging off the stem'. These were identified as active seed pods by the on-duty researcher, and by the time D-XXX-4205 had carried out his orders to remove these pods, the plant had strangled him. D-XXX-4205's body was never recovered.

Addendum-XXX-02: After another instance was found in ████ , Arizona, it was left uncontained for ██ hours whilst MTF Theta-4 dealt with another more serious breach. By the time the MTF reached the instance it had quadrupled in size and took 7 hours to contain. ██ civilians were killed, and a further ██ had to be recovered and restrained according to containment procedures. Reclassification to Keter approved.

If this thing gets loose, in a few days the whole earth could be made of deadly plant that strangles anything living. The instance had started off as a gift to an enemy from a D-class personnel, who has since been terminated, and grew to a life-threatening instance in minutes. This is why this thing is so dangerous, and I cannot stress this enough, not a house plant!
-Dr ████████