SCP - 2667 and 2668A&B
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Note: Since SCP's 2667 and 2668-A&B are not the Same Entity, and are different individuals they are Labeled Differently, and should not be confused with each other… SCP-2668-A keeps SCP SCP-2668-B alive. And SCP-2667 has interest in protecting both.

DR. [Retracted] has allowed the use of one file to explain Both.

Item #:SCP-2667 "The Hooded Shepard"

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2667 isn't containable at this time.
Description: SCP-2667 it doesn't seem like anything we have ever documented before, as people who see it feel slightly afraid but also safe.
Those who have observed the SCP's appearance say it looks like a Shepard with a Grim Reaper like hood and no face, it carries a Staff instead of Scythe, and not the feeling of Impending death, however… the exact form of this SCP seems to not stand out… it would be like looking at a ghost at the last possible moment of it fading, you see it… but don't… like people see it with some other sense than sight, yet it is also partly seen but not in a way that is normal anyone…

Perhaps you can liken it to putting a Pure glass Statue in a Pond that is just as clear… with the sun in just the right angel to make it seem next to invisible…

Even writing this file seems difficult as it is.

2667 behaves like a Shepard, protecting people from the background, other SCP's that have encountered SCP-2667 all indicate some level of not wanting to get any closer to a subject guarded by this SCP… and will act differently… even becoming tame or behaving properly and not strike out at the person protected by 2667.

If we Contain the Person protected by 2667, it find someone else to protect, yet somehow is always there to protect… again this is strange to the Foundation and makes it hard to study let alone put it in a category. It may take us some time to study it, and even make a proper classification on it, but for now we will not put it in a Category.

1. It seems that when SCP-[Retracted] tried to attack a subject that is know to be protected by 2667, because it hates humans so much, lost, it acted confused, very confused, it tried to bite, and attack it, but to no avail, it tried till it tired out.

2. SCP 2667 seems to have taken intrest in a person, this person seems to be hyper active, and very energetic, even our equipment can't fully size up this… We may need to Contact Dr.[Retracted] and Contact one of the O5's and to see if we can bring this person in, they may be a SCP as well… so much energy, and they seem to have a partner… we'll keep track.

3. Dr. [Retracted] is interested in the subject… but has told the team tracking SCP-2667 and to observe SCP - 2667 not to worry about other things, however we'll dub the person as SCP-2668-A and their 'Friend' as 2668-B… but not to engage, and we'll report on the other SCP's in a new report.

4. Observance Subject SCP-2668 A and B came in for us to test SCP-2667…. SCP 2667 seems able to stop other SCP's, in their track, and even repel them, like stated before… other SCP's seem to not understand, and can be harmed, repelled, and even destroyed by SCP-2667.

4-A. Destruction seems to only be against minor SCP's Not the main body, but it can deal quite a bit of damage.

5. SCP [Retracted] doesn't move when SCP-2667 is present, even if SCP's 2668 A and B are not looking at it… it would seem that 2667's presence is Omnipresent in all directions… and sensible by SCP [Retracted] which would suggest SCP [Retracted] can see or Sense SCP 2667 on some level.

6. SCP-2667 seems to be most visible in darkness… with no other light, how strange, and it seems visible to those that it wants to observe it… and protects and seems there is ether more than one, or it can protect many targets. This SCP may be the most Mysterious SCP yet.
6-A: The Term "Shadow in the Darkness" could used quite loosely to explain this SCP. Thinking about this, we have have conducted a experiment, to best describe this SCP. We'll Attempt a experiment with a Optical Illusion. See Experiment

Experiment 2667-1:
We tested it with a picture of the described SCP. Basically drew a lined sketch of the SCP from what the Subjects told us about it on a long sheet of white paper, then had them look at it for a bit, and turned out the lights. Result: All said it was similar, but not exactly like the Experiment… They Corrected the Image, and when done a Second time, confirmed it was as close as they could get. (Very rough) Sketch will be attached to Document.