Rawhide Chord

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is currently stored at Site-11 within the Department of Artifacts of Questionable Use, Clearance level 2. SCP-XXXX requires containment within a watertight, plexiglass case with dimensions the 200cm x 20cm x 20cm. The container is to house two type-152 securing brackets on the inner end surfaces and must have a 200cm ruler fastened to the back plane. These items are to be clearly visible from the outside and SCP-XXXX should be observed weekly. Any indication of changes to SCP-XXXX, particularly in length, should be noted and a Senior Researcher contacted immediately.

SCP-XXXX is to be stretched until it is taut between the securing brackets and its length confirmed to remain at 1679mm upon each inspection and removal. Introduction to aqueous substances is strictly forbidden to preserve SCP-XXXX’s current state and mitigate the risk of accidental destruction or unintended modification. Further containment and security procedures are unnecessary at this time although use of type 4 tamperproof tags and an access log are recommended to prevent unauthorised access in line with procedure.

SCP-XXXX appears to be a 1680mm 1679mm length of pliable rawhide with a perfectly square cross-section of 4mm x 4mm. Microscope analysis reveals that the length of SCP-XXXX is in fact covered on all four (4) sides with a series of glyphs that Dr [REDACTED] has identified as being of [REDACTED] origin. This seems at odds with other analysis conducted on the origin of SCP-XXXX. The structure of SCP-XXXX was determined to be from the now extinct Megaloceros giganteus through DNA analysis of a 2µm sliver of SCP-XXXX-1 Addendum 1 (designation alpha), which was incinerated after analysis was complete for safe measure. Carbon dating of a second 2µm sliver (designation delta) determined SCP-XXXX to be approximately 4500 years old. This is approximately 600 years prior to the foundation of the [REDACTED] civilization from which the glyphs originate. Additionally this species was not recorded within the history of the civilization in question. This poses serious questions over the origin of SCP-XXXX and its role in human history.

SCP-XXXX is an artefact that is fundamentally able to render itself invisible. Securing the ends of SCP-XXXX is all that is required to bring about this affect and testing has proved SCP to be undetectable through imaging techniques that involve the full spectrum of light. Despite this, ultrasound and physical manipulation of SCP-XXXX prove its spatial and temporal existence in this state. SCP-XXXX, however, does not cast a shadow when invisible. When ends of are SCP-XXXX unconnected and if sections are overlapped, those parts of SCP-XXXX become invisible. Visually, this gives the appearance of the chord being shorter but complete. It is theorized that this is due to a geometric alignment of certain glyphs along its length.

Experiment [REDACTED] shows that the exposure of SCP-XXXX to human subjects causes no adverse response in the individual. Interestingly experiment [REDACTED] showed that under certain circumstances inorganic and inanimate objects could be made invisible along with SCP-XXXX. This was observed to occur only when SCP-XXXX was wrapped to contain the full extents of the article, for example encompassing all six (6) faces of a cube. This unique property is considered to be worth further investigation.

Debate over SCP-XXXX remains undecided over whether SCP-XXXXs function and purpose are fully understood and as such its designation as ‘Safe’ is a controversial topic. The recorded properties seem benign but the anomalies in age and origin raise questions over an undiscovered capability associated with warping the fabric of time. Until these questions have been sufficiently resolved access to SCP-XXXX is to be limited and strictly controlled.

Addendum 1:
Procedure [REDACTED] was commissioned to remove a 1mm x 4mm x 4mm section of SCP XXXX for analysis to determine its properties and origins. The sample will henceforth be referred to as SCP XXXX-1; all traces of which (designations Alpha through Phi) were destroyed as of [REDACTED] 1991. Tests on both SCP XXXX and SCP XXXX-1 determined that this procedure had no adverse effects on SCP XXXX and that SCP XXXX-1 carried none of the characteristics displayed in SCP XXXX.