Item #:SCP 3000
Object class: safe/Eucilid

SCP 3000 appears as a boy around the age of 14-15, with dark blonde hair and sapphire blue eyes. He will enter the house of the said victim, as a foster child.
He will follow the mother or father (depending on number of male or female children), almost as if fleeing from something; trying to find shelter by their knew master, who then will be known as SCP 3000-A1.
If SCP 3000-A1 expires, SCP 3000 will turn to either the youngest or eldest child and seek compassion from them. That child will then be referred to as SCP 3000-A1-2. SCP 3000 will exhibit similar shelter seeking behavior as with SCP 3000-A1. If SCP 3000-A1-2, regardless of gender, tells SCP 3000 that it is like a brother to them, it's eyes will turn pitch black except for the sapphire blue iris' which proceed to glow and black ooze seeps out of nostrils and mouth, he will then proceeded to kill SCP 3000-A1-2 buy means of blunt force (bare hands) or a weapon favored by SCP 3000, a kitchen knife. When analyzed the substance had corrosive properties similar to sulfuric acid and had viscosity like melted chocolate.
Reports of this SCP were first noticed by SCP agent [DATA EXPONGED], who perused SCP 3000. He was never found, but a recording of a conversation between the agent and what can be assumed to be SCP 3000 was recovered.
-record start-
Agent:"who are you"
SCP 3000:"I am you but not you." *slow laughter*
Agent:"Why are you here?"
SCP 3000:"to stop her."
SCP 3000:" turn around."
*agents screams*
-record end-

Special containment procedures:
SCP 3000 needs sustenance very similar to humans. He is put in a X/X/X container and is given simple contact with SCP staff. He is able of every human emotion except remorse. He is not to come into contact with any sharp objects as SCP 3000 he's occasionally exibited suicidal actions. SCP 3000 has made 30 containment breech attempts with a 30% success rate but was neutralized quickly and returned to the container.
SCP 3000 is under watch at all times to monitor movement and mental state.
SCP personal 66981-B, is the only one to have a full conversion with SCP 3000, who briefly described the woman that killed the agent.
SCP 3000-B1;She wears a Victorian age dress and hat, she has black hair and no pupils, also no visible mouth but still can talk.