Item #: SCP-2086

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2086 is to be contained in a room 5x5x5 meters in size. The door to this room has to be a triple lock steel door, and guards should have only camera access to the object(See Incident 2086-H). Inside the containment chamber there has to be a concrete block, weighing at least 20 kilograms, placed on the object at all times. To enter SCP-2086’s containment chamber a level 3 security clearance is required, and no one is allowed to enter the room alone.

Description: SCP-2086 is a cardboard box, approximately 50x50x40 centimeters in size. It was discovered in Sydney, Australia by [REDACTED], who found it in his mail containing a vase, which the man claims to not have ordered. When a creature enters the same room as the object, all exits in the room will close and lock, even if the exit does not have an actual lock. The creature, from now on referred to as SCP-2086-A, will be unable to see, no matter what the circumstances are. After a period varying from 1 to 10 minutes, SCP-2086 can be heard opening after which SCP-2086-A will lose consciousness. Approximately 1 hour later all exits will be able to open again. SCP-2086 will have disappeared from the room and can be found in any room connected to the one it was just in. SCP-2086-A's brain has disappeared and is replaced with a random item, which seems to match the personality of SCP-2086-A, as proven by tests 2086-7 to 2086-13. If SCP-2086 is unable to open itself, it will not react to any creature entering the room.

<Begin Log>

Interview about Incident 2086-H

Interviewed: Josh Brown, security guard at site 76

Interviewer: Dr. █████████, researcher at site 76

Dr. █████████:Well, Mr. Brown. You have been quite the lucky man, don't you think?

Brown: Y-yes, Sir… I think so.

Dr. █████████: Tell me, how did you get the keycard you used to open SCP-2086's containment cell?

Brown: I… A researcher had forgotten it in the break room. I wanted to bring it back, but when I passed the cell… I just couldn't resist taking a peak.

Dr. █████████: And why was that, Mr. Brown?

Brown: I have been guarding the Class-D personnel for a year now, without actually seeing any SCP object. I wanted to know what it feels like, to be in close contact with an SCP object.

Dr. █████████: So, what happened after you opened the cell?

Brown: I was nervous. I didn't know what the object could do. But since it was Euclid…

(Dr. █████████ hits the table with the palm of his hand)

Dr. █████████: You think because it was Euclid it wasn't dangerous? SCP-096, SCP-173. They are Euclid, and I'd say they are pretty dangerous, don't you think?

Brown: Yes Sir. Anyway, so after I entered the cell, the door closed behind me, and the keycard didn't work anymore. I just saw that box. It gave me the creeps. Then I suddenly was unable to see anything.

Dr. █████████ And why didn't you call for backup, or scream for help?

Brown: I wanted to, but I was to scared.

Dr. █████████: Alright… continue please.

Brown: After those 30 minutes I heard a box opening. I also heard an alarm. I assumed they found out I was in there. After that I lost consciousness. I woke up at the medical bay. They told me I had been saved just in time.

Dr. █████████: Well, that's that. You can go now.

(Brown leaves and another researcher walks in)

Dr. █████████: We need to improve security. place some kind of weight on top of SCP-2086. And make sure NO guards ever get near it again.

<End Log>