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Item #: SCP-4000

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4000 is kept in a 20 x 16 x 6 meter chamber at Site-907, which is coated with a Class-██ antimemetic agent designed to prevent the transmission or detection of knowledge, emotions, and other metaphysical concepts and entities to and from the chamber. SCP-4000 is to have its own dedicated external feed of electricity generating 24.6 gigawatt hours, which is required to keep SCP-4000 functioning properly. Two more of these systems are in place to provide layers of redundancy in the event of failure, and they along with the main input feed are to be closely monitored. The electrical feed also powers the chamber's access airlock.

The airlock is programmed to allow only one individual to enter the containment chamber at a time, and to remain locked until this individual exits the chamber. Only personnel with Level-3/4000 authorization are allowed to enter the containment chamber. One such individual must visit SCP-4000 once every 24 hours and these times are to be cataloged. These individuals are to undergo regular psychological evaluation to analyze the effects of long-term amnestic exposure. In the event the individual visiting SCP-4000 stays inside the chamber for longer than 6 minutes, the airlock will go into an automatic lockout procedure. The airlock must then be overridden and reset by a local site administrator and another qualified individual will be ordered to enter the chamber.

In the event of a lockout, any individual already inside the chamber who does not return on their own should be assumed lost and no effort should be made to retrieve them or their remains. In such a case, the responding site administrator should follow standard MIA protocols. Following reactivation, SCP-4000 standard operating procedures are to be resumed unabated. Any additional matters regarding SCP-4000, beyond the duties of the authorized Level-3/4000 personnel, should be brought to the local Site Director.

Description: SCP-4000 refers to a quantum supercomputer approximately 6 x 6 x 4 meters in size positioned along the left-side wall of its containment chamber. The exterior of SCP-4000 is of a black aluminium construction with a single access terminal. This terminal has a 24 inch display and a standard US QWERTY keyboard, and appears to run an unknown version of the Linux operating system. Attempts to open SCP-4000 have proven to be unsuccessful, as besides its main components, SCP-4000 appears to be a solid block of aluminum. Aside from the power button beside the terminal and a standard computer power socket behind the system, SCP-4000 has no apparent input/output ports for foreign peripherals.

SCP-4000 will autonomously generate the same executable file every 12.16 hours. Attempting to open the file will result in the terminal user [DATA EXPUNGED]. The database within SCP-4000 is otherwise empty. The process by which these files are generated is unclear. These files are ███.██ zetabytes in size, and the storage capacity of SCP-4000 has been found to be approximately ██████ zetabytes. SCP-4000 has been found to generate these files at a quicker pace (approximately once every 22 minutes) when the power is disabled.

It is unclear what will happen if more files are generated than the storage size can contain. Given the unknowns surrounding the operating system, it has been concluded this should be avoided. A placard has been placed beside the SCP-4000 terminal instructing the visiting Level-3/4000 individual of how to use it.

Along the right side of the wall is a Realityphylaxis1-Class cage 14 x 3 x 5 meters in size. This cage emits a barrier of unknown composition along its walls that completely prevents all forms of information from crossing its boundaries. In practicality, the cage walls can be thought of as being completely and totally solid, dense, and inert, despite the obvious outward display of energies flowing across their surfaces and their lack of an influence over local physics. The intention behind this cage's construction, purpose, and direct relation to SCP-4000 is unclear; no relevant records regarding it had been added to Foundation's databases around the time of the containment of SCP-4000. Investigations into its presence and purpose are impeded by SCP-4000's containment procedures, so it has been concluded such investigations are not necessary. This cage is also the primary consumer of the electricity demands (9█.███%) in the containment chamber.

Addendum-4000/01: The following is a copy of the instructions engraved into the placard placed on SCP-4000. The instructions list a step-by-step guide on how to use the terminal window. Another copy of these instructions is carried by all Level-3/4000 authorized personnel.

Enter the following lines of code exactly how they appear below into the terminal command line. Under no circumstances are you to deviate from these commands.

rm -r everything.exe

Verify that the directory is empty. If not, then repeat the above commands as many times as necessary. Then you may leave the terminal and exit the containment chamber. Do not touch anything else.


Access to the remainder of this file requires passphrase authorization. An incorrect response will result in a shutdown of this terminal and your local administrator will be notified to this attempted security breach, and disciplinary action will be taken. Proceed with caution.