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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:


SCP-XXXX is to be contained within a humanoid containment cell, equipped with IV, EKG machine, Kant counter, and Scranton reality anchor. No personnel are to enter within a 200 m radius of the cell. All interactions with the object must be performed remotely, using remotely operated vehicles, or through the existing faculties built into the cell.

SCP-XXXX is to be restrained to its sleeping quarters at all times. The object must be sedated at all times, using the solution listed in Document XXXX-2a. The IV is to be refilled daily. Electric shocks are to be administered, should the object regain consciousness and attempt to release itself.

Personnel that enter the established 200 m radius are to be quarantined for 1 week, at least, and evaluated by on-site psychiatrists. Personnel confirmed to be under the influence of SCP-XXXX-B are to be considered lost, and potentially terminated. If a normal psychological state can be confirmed, they may resume duties.

Should hume readings fluctuate beyond acceptable levels, MTF Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits") should be alerted.



SCP-XXXX is a male human, aged 16 years, formerly known as ██████ ███████. The object is unremarkable in appearance. SCP-XXXX exhibits no genetic anomalies, unlike the original instance.

The object is under the influence of a foreign consciousness, designated SCP-XXXX-B. It is unknown if the original consciousness of ██████ ██████ continues to exist, or has been completely overridden by SCP-XXXX-B. The entity exhibits extreme hostility towards staff at any given opportunity.

SCP-XXXX-B is able to dramatically alter reality at will. The extent of this ability is unknown. SCP-XXXX-B is able to alter its surrounding state of reality, to produce a variety of effects, such as manifestation and demanifestation of objects. The subject also possesses the ability to alter the thoughts, behavior, and memories of subjects within its immediate vicinity.

Selected Interview #1:

Interviewed: [The person, persons, or SCP being interviewed]

Interviewer: [Interviewer, can be blocked out using █]

Foreword: [Small passage describing the interview]

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Interviewer: Good day, SCP-XXXX-A. How are you feeling today?

SCP-XXXX-A: Fine, I guess. I can feel… there's something in here that keeps him… under control, right?

Interviewer: Don't worry about it. Do you think you are ready to answer some questions?


Interviewer: Can you explain what happened at your school? The day you were brought here.

SCP-XXXX-A: That wasn't me.

Interviewer: Yes, you mentioned. But can you elaborate on that?

SCP-XXXX-A: Alright, this might sound a bit crazy, but you people sound like you know what you're doing. I haven't told anyone about this, but… it was another me. I mean… there's a part of me that I try to control, or hide… you know?

Interviewer: I think I understand what you're saying. Please continue.

SCP-XXXX-A: Alright. You've talked to my teachers? Everyone thinks I'm lazy, right? They told you that I sleep a lot in class?

Interviewer: Yes, we're told you are actually quite a capable student, despite that fact.

SCP-XXXX-A: Yeah, well the reason why I'm so tired all the time is because I'm always trying to keep this other part of me under control. If I don't, I'm afraid he'll hurt people. And that's what he did. Because I lost control once! After I've tried so hard to this from happening.

Interviewer: It's alright. You're safe here. Please tell me what happened.

SCP-XXXX-A: Knocked out during football. Lost consciousness. ██████ ██████ did it, actually. On purpose. I usually try to avoid sports, but… Everyone's always picking on me, to tell you the truth, so this one time, I thought I'd show everyone what I could do, you know? Everyone's always saying I'm lazy, or… odd, to say the least. But- Anyway, whatever, it was his chance to take control. I was always afraid that he'd hurt people, and he did… After so many years, I slipped up, and my friends payed the price.

Interviewer: You were unconscious when we found you.

SCP-XXXX-A: Yeah, that was my doing. I came to my senses, panicked. I felt what he was doing, and I knocked us both out, because I didn't know how to get my control back.

Interviewer: Can you tell me-

SCP-XXXX-A: Doctor, please make sure you keep me here. I don't want anyone else to get hurt if I slip up again. Don't let him hurt our mother or sister. Make sure you keep him under control, because I don't know when I'll slip up again.

<End Log>

Closing Statement: The interview was terminated early, as the subject became agitated.

Selected Interview #2:

Interviewed: [The person, persons, or SCP being interviewed]

Interviewer: [Interviewer, can be blocked out using █]

Foreword: [Small passage describing the interview]

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Interviewer: Good day, SCP-XXXX-A.

SCP-XXXX-A: Hey, doctor.

Interviewer: How are you feeling today?

SCP-XXXX-A: You know, I'm actually relieved to be here. I feel like… I'm finally getting some much deserved rest. I'm fine being here, really….

Interviewer: That's good.

SCP-XXXX-A: I mean, it's like I've been fighting my brother for a long time… with good reason. But here, he can't hurt anyone. And I actually think he's settling down as well. I mean, he's getting let out from time to time, which is what he's wanted, you know? It's not like he's getting the freedom he wanted… but I think in time, maybe he'll learn to accept what he's got. Maybe we can be like the old days.

Interviewer: I'm happy to hear you've settled in.

SCP-XXXX-A: At least no one will get hurt… as long as we're here.

Interviewer: When were you aware of SCP-XXXX-B, the other part of you?

SCP-XXXX-A: We always knew each other.

Interviewer: And his hostility towards you and those around you?

SCP-XXXX-A: Well… it wasn't like he was always like that.

Interviewer: Go on.

SCP-XXXX-A: We used to be… really close, I guess. You know what I mean. Like friends… brothers. And I guess that was really great, because I didn't have to feel as lonely as I should have been. Things were shit with my family, and I would have been really lonely without my brother.

Interviewer: I see. So why the hostility between you two?

SCP-XXXX-A: It's a long story. But long story short, I guess I just wanted to be… normal.

Interviewer: Well, maybe we could save it for another time.

<End Log, [optional time info]>

Closing Statement: [Small summary and passage on what transpired afterward]

Selected Interview #3:

Interviewed: [The person, persons, or SCP being interviewed]

Interviewer: [Interviewer, can be blocked out using █]

Foreword: [Small passage describing the interview]

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Interviewer: SCP-XXXX-B?

SCP-XXXX-B: Can you stop calling me that? My name is Jones. The real Jones. What's with the tight assholes on you people?

Interviewer: We're trying to help you-

SCP-XXXX-B: Mind telling me why I can't do anything in here? You know what I'm talking about. What did you do to this place?

Interviewer: You'll have to cooperate with us first. Then we can talk about that. Are you ready to answer some questions?

SCP-XXXX-B: There's nothing else to do, so what the hell?

Interviewer: Can you tell me about your relationship with SCP-XXXX-A?

SCP-XXXX-B: Do I hate him? What the fuck do you think? He's kept me in darkness for almost 10 years. 10 long years of loneliness. I mean, do I want to hate the guy? No, but… forget it. What he did was fucking inexcusable.

Interviewer: He believes that you are a threat to people around you.

SCP-XXXX-B: Bullshit! That's an overstatement.

Interviewer: What about the damage you caused at the school?

SCP-XXXX-B: Hey, nobody died. And all those other kids were always making fun of us. The only person that got seriously hurt was ██████ ██████, but he had it coming for him. The guy was a serious jerk. Never giving us a break. Me and █████. And he never stood up for us. Can you believe it? I just did what needed to be done. God! Putting poison ivy in him was the least I could do. I should have… I mean, he should thank me for it. You know? It's like, he just wanted to forget about me, and it pisses me off to no end. 10 years I lived in darkness. We were always together and he tried to bury me like a corpse.

Interviewer: So… what was your relationship like before that happened? It sounds like you two were close.

SCP-XXXX-B: Well, duh, of course we were close. But what we had was special. You know? Ever since we were kids, the things we could do was like fucking magic. Of course, it was mostly me doing all the work, but we always worked together. Good times… Like █████ is obsessed with food, even as a kid. So I'd phase other kids' food directly into our stomach whenever I got the chance, and their parents would never believe them! It was hilarious.

Interviewer: I see.

SCP-XXXX-B: But that was just the start of it. There was no end to the tricks we could do. Like, when we were older, we walked on water, and said to the other kids that they could do it too, if they believed hard enough. Of course, they couldn't and would fall right in! It was a right laugh! When we were working together, it was like we could do anything.

Interviewer: It sounds like you two had good times.

SCP-XXXX-B: That's why I can't imagine why my god forsaken brother caged me in darkness.

Interviewer: What happened?

SCP-XXXX-B: I'm getting to that, genius. Like I said, it happened about 10 years ago. We played this trick on his closest friend, ██████ ███████. God! Sometimes, I think that he wanted to spend more time with him than me… Anyway, we were at one of our favorite Summer spots, this swimming hole by the park. We'd take turns jumping in, and when ██████ did, he lost his trunks. It was hilarious because he didn't lose them, we made them disappear. And it was hilarious, the guy was looking for it like a headless chicken. Anyway, I got this idea to make the joke funnier. When █████ decided the fun was over, he gave him back his shorts. Only, it wasn't his shorts when he put it on, because I made it poison ivy.

Interviewer: Why did you make it poison ivy?

SCP-XXXX-B: Because it was hilarious. Weren't you listening? Anyway, █████ didn't think it was funny. In fact, he was appalled, and ██████ was seriously pissed. I offered to wipe the guy's memory, and maybe make him go crazy for a while, so he'd run into the park and harass people. Nothing serious, just chase his girlfriends or old ladies around for a while, maybe. I had a good laugh at that idea, you know? Everyone would call him poison ivy crotch till the end of time. But █████ got even sulkier.

Interviewer: Yes, okay. But may I ask, why poison ivy in particular?

SCP-XXXX-B: I don't know. Because it hurts when you touch it, I guess. At the time, I thought about how we touched poison ivy once, and it was nasty stuff. I couldn't stand that shit. Don't know how █████ was fine with it, though. Whatever. Anyway, █████ just apologized to poison ivy crotch, and got upset when he refused to talk to him. After that day, he didn't want to talk to me… and just decided that I shouldn't be allowed to do anything. Just like that. What? Does he think he has the right to decide that I shouldn't exist?

Interviewer: You-

SCP-XXXX-B: Our mother doesn't even know I exist. Do you think that's fair? No one knows I exist. It was like I was dead, and no one knew I existed. I was never even given a name for myself. When █████ tried to tell anyone about me, they said I was some kind of imaginary friend. More like a disease! He said it was better to keep me a secret. All I wanted was a life of my own, and now thanks to you fuckers, I'll be locked up for god knows how long.

Interviewer: Can you tell me-

SCP-XXXX-B: Just shut up. I know that you couldn't give a shit about me. █████ and I could do anything, but all he wanted was to be normal, like everyone else. What the hell is wrong with his brain? None of you can hope to understand what I've been through. Anyway, I just decided to talk since I'm bored out of my skull. Now fuck off.

<End Log>

Researcher's Note: Judging from the object's statements about the poison ivy, it may have some aversion to pain and discomfort. If we can confirm this, it could be a useful tool in gaining its cooperation.

Selected Interview #4:

Interviewed: [The person, persons, or SCP being interviewed]

Interviewer: [Interviewer, can be blocked out using █]

Foreword: SCP-XXXX-A requested to speak with a medical examiner.

<Begin Log>

Interviewer: You requested to speak with a medical examiner?

SCP-XXXX-A Please, you have to listen to me. You're all in danger.

Interviewer: Take it easy. What do you mean?

SCP-XXXX-A My brother, uh, SCP-XXXX-B, he's gotten out.

Interviewer: I believe you're mistaken.

SCP-XXXX-A No, no, he's Dr. He's inside him. Impersonating him.

Interviewer: So you do not have any medical issues you wish to discuss?

SCP-XXXX-A I needed to get your attention so I could warn you.

Interviewer: I'll be sure to let someone know.

SCP-XXXX-A Don't wait. Make sure you tell someone about this. You're all in danger!

Dr: What's going on here?

SCP-XXXX-A That's him! Call security!

Dr: Pay no attention, █████, your services aren't required here. It's been acting up lately.

SCP-XXXX-A Hey, wait! Wait-

<End Log>

Incident XXXX-1: On 03/05/19██, SCP-XXXX breached containment. The exact nature of the events that transpired is currently unknown, as security footage was corrupted. However, it is believed that SCP-XXXX-B had overpowered SCP-XXXX-A, and impersonated it for some time. During interactions, it was somehow able to transfer itself into the body of Dr. Although the Scranton reality anchor had proven to be effective in limiting its reality altering effect, it was evidently ineffective in disabling its mind altering properties. This oversight is believed to be the main contributor to the breach.

By utilizing Dr. , it was able to release SCP-XXXX-A. Both instances then escaped the facility, with SCP-XXXX-A currently still missing. All communications with the facility had been disabled at the time, presumable due to the anomalous properties of SCP-XXXX-B, which it utilized upon exiting the effective range of the Scranton reality anchor. Much of the facility was damaged, with 19 personnel terminated, and 7 injured. A note was found within the object's containment cell, written by SCP-XXXX-A, instructing personnel to find ██████ ███████, a former friend, and classmate of the object.

MTF Lambda-5 ("White Rabbits") was dispatched to the ███████ residence, where the corpse of Dr. , and family members of ██████ ███████ were found. ██████ ███████ was immediately suspected to be under the influence of SCP-XXXX-B. The subject was successfully incapacitated by the task force, despite its reality altering properties, using non-lethal weaponry to overwhelm its senses. Kant counters detected unusual hume levels, and the subject's anomalous properties were confirmed.

Efforts to locate and retrieve SCP-XXXX-A are ongoing.

Selected Interview #5:

Interviewed: [The person, persons, or SCP being interviewed]

Interviewer: [Interviewer, can be blocked out using █]

Foreword: [Small passage describing the interview]

<Begin Log, [optional time info]>

Interviewer: What have you done with ██████ ███████?

SCP-XXXX-B: What are you talking about? I'm ██████. Why are you doing this to me? This stuff burns. Please-

Interviewer: Stop this act. We know you are SCP-XXXX-B. Answer my question, or we will administer an electric shock. This is your final warning. What have you done with ██████ ███████?

SCP-XXXX-B: I told you, I'm ██████ ███████. Please, I don't know what-

Interviewer: Administer electric shock.

SCP-XXXX-B: (screaming) Damn you pathetic shit stains!

Interviewer: You will cooperate with us, or be given another shock. What have you done with ██████ ███████?

SCP-XXXX-B: What do you think I did? I'm making use of his body. He's got a good one, and he wasn't using much of his brain, anyway. I should have done this a long, long time ago. I want my own life. I want my own body. And I'm not going to let you bastards get in my way (object struggles against its restraints).

Interviewer: Stop struggling. Why ██████ ███████?

SCP-XXXX-B: Why not? This bastard was so precious to my brother. More precious than me? His own flesh? He got what was coming for him. Soon you will get what's coming for you (object continues to struggle against its restraints).

Interviewer: Stop- stop struggling, or we'll shock you. Are you listen- that's it. Administer electric shock.

SCP-XXXX-B: (screaming)

Interviewer: Are you going to cooperate? Why did you murder those people?

SCP-XXXX-B: Why not? What good where they? Do you lose sleep over every ant you step on?

Interviewer: Where is SCP-XXXX-A?

SCP-XXXX-B: Out. He's out. And I'm stuck here. This is injustice. How is this fair? All I wanted was my own life. Is that so wrong? How can you bastards be so heartless?

Interviewer: I'll ask you again. Where is SCP-XXXX-A?

SCP-XXXX-B: How should I know, you shit stain? Do you know what I am? I can be anything. I can do anything. And you're denying me my birthright! How the fuck could you be so heartless!

Interviewer: Administer electric shock.

SCP-XXXX-B: Wait, wait, wait (screaming). Damn you! I don't know! I don't know. I don't know.

Interviewer: We're getting nowhere like this. Sedate it. We'll have to do this another time.

SCP-XXXX-B: I will get out. You can't control me forever(screaming).

<End Log, [optional time info]>

Closing Statement: [Small summary and passage on what transpired afterward]

Document-XXXX-A1: The following note was found in the containment cell of SCP-XXXX, during investigation of the containment breach.

By the time you're reading this, my brother would have escaped. I'm sorry I couldn't stop him. I was being weakened by something in here, and he took advantage of that. I couldn't control him as well as I normally could. He locked me up, the way I did to him. He told me he was going to get ██████ ███████.
I don't exactly know how he did it, but he did. He's left me. And now he's gotten inside someone else. And I don't think he's going to stop there.
I'm not going to be able to stop him. Not yet, at least. But maybe one day I'll be able to. Please don't try to find me. I will return one day, when I've found a way to save my friend. Maybe I'll find a way to save both of them. But for now, please take care of my friend. Whatever happens to him is my responsibility, and I owe him everything. I promise that I will be back for him someday.

Researcher's Note:

While we have no idea what SCP-XXXX-B is fully capable of, it is extremely hostile. But one thing is clear. A considerable amount of loss and damage was averted for a good 10 years. And we have SCP-XXXX-A to thank for that. Really, what it was doing isn't so different from what we do. It maintained constant vigilance over its counterpart, securing and containing it, to protect others. It might as well be considered a hero, in that aspect. In the end, all it wanted was to be normal, to fit in. And that is something we all can relate to.