X-Ray Foxtrot
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: [Paragraphs explaining the procedures]


Horrible shit starts happening

The kids complained that they heard the cows talking to each other and laughing. I tried joking with Emily saying that maybe they were talking about how funny her joke was. It didn't help. They were really spooked, and looking back, I don't blame them. They couldn't sleep, and begged us to let them sleep in our room. We figured we'd let them for a while. We thought they needed some time to get settled in, and we couldn't have them losing sleep, or it would affect their studies.

I heard laughing one night. I thought maybe I was dreaming, but Agatha heard the damn thing too. We looked out the window and saw a cow, laughing its head off in the moonlight. The kids were frightened. They said they tried to tell me about it, but I wouldn't believe them. I told them it was mad cow disease. I knew it wasn't, but I just said that to give them some sort of an explanation.

When I finally drifted off, I was tossing and turning in my sleep. I kept hearing the cows laughing. Then the kids' screaming woke me up. That's when I realized the whole damn thing was real.

The cows were in our room, laughing at us. And they were standing on two legs. They were wobbly so they had to lean on each other for support, but they were standing on two legs. Their eyes were bulging and rolling back in their heads.

They weren't exactly doing anything. I mean, they weren't attacking us, or anything. They were just standing there laughing. But I lost it. I grabbed my gun and shot them all dead. I told Agatha we were getting the hell out of there.

When we got downstairs, we saw the cows poking their heads through the windows and were laughing at us, sticking out their heads as far as they could. They were staring at us, but their eyes were rolling up in their heads as they laughed like madmen.