Item #: SCP-1442

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1442 is to be stored inside a locked metal box on top of a scale accurate to a tenth of a gram. All instances of SCP-1442-2 are to be kept in a locked filing cabinet. Copies of SCP-1442-2 may not be transmitted over any computer network. All assigned personnel must be certified in dream retention and lucid dreaming.

SCP-1442's weight is to be checked once per hour. If the weight decreases, execute procedure P-1442-LOC.

Any personnel experiencing SCP-1442-1 are to be dosed with a class B amnesiac, reassigned, and monitored for two weeks. If SCP-1442-1 recurs after class B amnesiac dosage, use a class A amnesiac. If SCP-1442-1 persists, the subject is to be isolated and slated for execution; no form communication is permitted.

Object Description: SCP-1442 is a ██████ carving of [REDACTED] weighing either 1.331 or 1.327 kilograms. SCP-1442 fits inside a 20cm x 10cm x 10cm container.

People aware of SCP-1442's appearance may experience a dream involving SCP-1442. This event is denoted SCP-1442-1. Photographs, recordings, and written material with a potentially significant SCP-1442-1 incidence rate are classified SCP-1442-2. Every recorded SCP-1442-1 incident has been accompanied by a decrease in the weight of SCP-1442 from 1.331 kg to 1.327 kg. When SCP-1442-1 ends, the weight returns to 1.331 kg.

SCP-1442-1 lasts approximately two hours, and for its duration subjects exhibit elevated blood pressure, increased pulse, frequent motion, and █████████ ██.██ █████ ████ emissions. It has proven extremely difficult to wake subjects during SCP-1442-1. Simultaneous SCP-1442-1 incidents in multiple subjects have not been observed. The details of SCP-1442-1 vary between instances, but there are common themes (see DESC-1442-00).

SCP-1442-1 usually recurs in the same subject within three days. The longest observed time between SCP-1442-1 incidents in the same subject is two weeks. SCP-1442-1 continues to recur until one of the following happens:

  • The subject forgets about SCP-1442; possibly through amnesiac dosage, mental illness, brain damage, or psychological trauma.
  • The subject █████ ███ ████████ during SCP-1442-1. SCP-1442-1 no longer recurs, even after significant exposure to SCP-1442 and SCP-1442-2.
  • The subject enters an apparently permanent unconscious state. Electroencephalogram (EEG) readings of subjects in this state are indistinguishable from readings taken during slow-wave sleep. This has occurred as soon as the third SCP-1442-1 incident, and as late at the tenth.

Additional Documentation:

  • DESC-1442-00 has an SCP-1442-1 incidence rate of 95%. This is the original description of SCP-1442. It is classified SCP-1442-2.
  • M-1442-DEC has an SCP-1442-1 incidence rate of 1.2%. This is the experimentation and declassification manual for SCP-1442-2 classified documents. It is classified at level 4. A record must be kept of all personnel checking out M-1442-DEC.
  • P-1442-LOC has a SCP-1442-1 incidence rate of 45%. This is the procedure for locating SCP-1442-1. It is classified SCP-1442-2.
  • Experiment Log 23390 has an SCP-1442-1 incidence rate of 90%. It is classified SCP-1442-2
  • Experiment Log 23394 has an SCP-1442-1 incidence rate of 0.3%. It is available here.
  • Experiment Log 23421 is classified SCP-1442-2 pending further tests.