Reject's Sandbox

Hi! I'm Rejekyll, and this is my sandbox! My name isn't Reject anymore but I'm too lazy to change the url or anything. If you're here, you've either A) been linked to my sandbox, in which case, hi, or B) stumbled here, in which case, also hi.

For stuff that I'm actively working on, check out this page o'er here or this one that's also o'er here. Maybe "actually working on" isn't entirely accurate since I'm not very active these days. If you like anything you see here, and you want to do something with it, send me a PM. If it's on this page it's either already been posted or won't be in the foreseeable future.

I also have pages for contests and rewrites, if you feel like going through all my shit. I don't know why you'd waste your time on other people's sandboxes though. That's weird. But hey, it's your life.


  • A GoI that uses SCPs to play jokes on people
    • They would get mad at people who try to make tasteless jokes (mass murder) because it's not funny, it's just fucked up. Waxx, that means you. Sorry.
  • Exploding Nuns (how in the…)
  • Groundhog Day Crossover (Agent in a timeloop, thinks the girl is an SCP)
  • Tale about 173 trying to study the human eye: kills accidentally trying to get a closer look.
  • Evil 5.14b
  • Metal Clouds
  • 001=meme, backstory of Foundation main selling point
  • Reality-altering psychadelic
    • Does weird things to your body, OR
    • Is a large area affected by a reality bender's experience on a real psychadelic that has been removed from our spacetime by the Foundation!!

Also this is really cool.