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Item #: SCP-3266

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3266 is to be kept in a standard low-value containment locker at Site-73. Researchers assigned to SCP-3266 are to perform at least one hour of communication with SCP-3266 per day, including time allotted for testing.

Addendum 08/18/2017: Following new documentation by Researcher Kim, all tests involving heating of materials designed for human consumption require Level-3 clearance. All reports of additional entities within SCP-3266 are to be reported to the Site Director immediately.

Description: SCP-3266 is a Sharp Carousel brand 1100 W microwave oven. SCP-3266 shows signs of moderate to heavy use, including burnt food residue on the walls and rotating plate.


Diagram of ITU-T E.161 alphabetic character assignment

SCP-3266 is inhabited by a spectral entity capable of communication in English via the alphanumeric display on the face of the microwave. Messages delivered by SCP-3266 scroll across the display from right to left at an approximate rate of 120 characters per minute. Due to limitations of SCP-3266's seven-segment display, various characters appear modified from their conventional forms.

Communication with SCP-3266 is facilitated by the use of SCP-3266's numerical buttons in accordance with ITU-T E.161 protocol.1 The "0" key has been determined to function analogously to a space key on a standard keyboard. All other buttons on SCP-3266 have not been shown to have any communicative function.

The entity inhabiting SCP-3266 is capable of activating the standard heating functions of SCP-3266 at will or upon request by Foundation personnel. Attempts to operate these functions manually via the interface buttons have been unsuccessful. Testing has shown that the power, temperature, and efficiency of SCP-3266 are consistent with non-anomalous Sharp Carousel brand microwave ovens of identical model.