ITEM #: 3984


CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: SCP-3984 is to be contained an a 10 ft by 10 ft by 10 ft lead-lined electromagnetic chamber of solid steel. Chamber is to be filled with Carbon Monoxide. Walls of said chamber are to be no less than 2 ft thick. This chamber is to be kept 20 ft below the Omega Warhead on Site ██. There may only be one entrance. This entrance must be a 4 ft by 12 ft by 7 ft 4 door airlock tunnel lined with 1 cm of lead, 2 ft of tungsten, and 8 ft of stainless steel. Each door must be made of 1 ft of stainless steel and 1 ft of tungsten.

Personnel may not enter without approval from Dr S████, Dr L████, Dr J███████, AND Manager ██████. When entering, personnel must enter through the airlock. The subject must be decontaminated before entering the airlock. After passing the first door, the subject must be injected with 1 ml of ███████. After passing the second door, the subject must terminate all electronic signals. This includes but is not limited to cellphones, radios, microphones, and earbuds. Before basing through the final door, the subject will have a twelve hour timed small explosive strapped to their chest as to prevent escape of 3984 through the subject's body. They will also equip their gas mask. Subject is to spend no more than 10 minutes in the chamber.

Upon exit, the subject is to be injected with 5 ml of ███████. Subject will then be treated as SCP-3984-2 for 1 week. This classification will be lifted if no symptoms are shown. SCP-3984-2 are to be kept in a basic cell decontaminated tungsten-lined cell.

Note: If any subjects show symptoms, they should immediately be terminated. For the good of humanity. -Dr. S████

Note: Request denied.: -Manager ██████

Description: SCP-3984 is a non-sentient parasite appearing in the form of a green goo. It moves in a somewhat inchworm sort of manner, however it moves at a speed of 12 MPH. SCP-3984 is believed to have originated in Ancient Rome because [DATA EXPUNGED]. When SCP-3984 comes in contact with human life, it's movement speed increases to 20 MPH. It attaches to its host by coming in contact with it, then being absorbed through the skin. This can be counteracted by having ███████ inserted into the bloodstream.


Upon attachment, SCP-3984 will convert all non-digestive organs into waste products. The host is considered SCP-3985-2. SCP-3984 now has complete control over the host and all waste products convert into its offspring within a week. The host will die within a month. All offspring grow into an instance of SCP-3984 within a year. Upon death SCP-9384 will split into 4 babies.

Note: Suggest SCP-3984 be terminated. -Agent O█████

Request denied. Did you not read the description?!? -Dr Q███████

We can terminate the babies too.. -Agent O█████

Request granted. Q███████, you are not the administrator of 9384. -Dr L████

Addendum [3984-TIMELINE]:

Event 0: 3 instances of 3984 discovered. Origin theories developed.

Event 1: 3984 contained at site ██.

Event 2: 3984 set for testing.

Event 3: Death of subject D-06836. 4 instances of 3984 are created.

Event 4: D-06836 terminated.

Event 5: 3984 escapes containment. Destruction of site ██.

Event 6: 3984 moved to site 47b.

Event 7: 3984 encounters 096. 5 instances of 3984 terminated. 1 instance of 096 terminated. No new instances created (thought to be because of 096 is not human. Cause of missing reproduction on death unknown.)

Event 8: Attempted termination of 3984. Attempt failed.

Event 9: Attempted termination of 3984. Attempt succeeds.

Event 10: Reproduction. 8 instances of 3984 remaining.

Event 11: New containment system devised. Success.

Event 12: Attempt of mass termination by Dr L████ and Agent O████. Attempt failed.

Event 13: Dr L████ terminated.

Event 14: 3984 breaches containment due to termination event. Site 47b destroyed. 3 instances remaining.

Event 15: Agent O█████ assigned to class D.

Event 16: 3984 moved to site ██.

Event 17: 3984 testing. Success.

Event 18: Subject survives. Subject classified as SCP-181

Event 19: D-Class O█████ terminated.