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(To Kill a Leader)

Item #: SCP-###

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-### is a type IXA U-42 U-boat made around 1945 and used by the Kriegsmarine to evacuate key personnel and valued assets to a safe location away from Germany. However it has multple scratches and dents at the sides and bottom of the hull, as well as missing any SEI or radar equipment1. SCP-### appears entirely like a normal U-boat.

SCP-###'s anomalous properties come in to play when

Idea: (Take Hull breach from mimichan file and convert to MP3 for addenda) Once under water all passengers are paralyzed and unable to create any vocalizations due to an electrical current that runs through the submarine the moment its depth hits 243 meters. Once all passengers have been paralyzed, the submarine will then continue to descend until the water breaches it’s hull, forcing out bolts and allowing water to flow inwards, sinking the submarine and killing all passengers. The submarine will then resurface completely repaired after 30 Days at the nearest sea port.