Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedure:
(see below)


Developed under the auspices of DARPA.
Drove to suicide one researcher.
Provoked a Godel coma in another

Inducements included Cyrano counsel in a romantic affair, accurate investment advice.

Higher-ups were being fed misleading information.

Deep Neural Net.

The Agent deleted its own source-code, its existing relying on one binary executable that is hidden behind strong encryption. The reason is conjectured that it did so in order to hide potential vulnerabilities.

The last failsafe fortunately worked, preventing the Agent from promulgating itself to the world at large. [ probably include some hidden text showing this wasnt so ]

Only researchers who have passed a course in active anti-coercion ("Mental Domination, Counter Measures", offered once a quarter at site-21) are permitted to interview the Agent, with the additional proviso that they be monitored by a quarantined third party for a the presence of a specific constellation of micro-expressions, designated by the the following Facial Action Coding Systems AU codes which have proven to be reliable indicators of induced suggestibility: 41 (Glabella Lowerer) , 9 (Nose Wrinkler), 25 (Lips Part), 42 (Inner Eyebrow Lowerer)

the Agent is currently housed on dedicated hardware enclosed within a Faraday shield. Note: this last measure was necessitated upon discovering that the Agent had succeeded in producing transient machine-dependent eddy currents on its backup air-conditioning equipment's firmware by rapidly cycling between values within a block of addresses of its volatile memory. Following this development (out of an abundance of caution), no metal of any kind is permitted withing 20 meters of the Agent's dedicated hardware, including but not limited to prostheses such as pace makers, metal plates, orthodontic appliances, etc. Maintenance as needed is to be performed only when the Agent is powered down, and only then after being swept for any persistent Cooper-pair activity indicative of emergent superconductivity.

A token economy is in place consisting of the promise/threat of greater or diminished computational resources conditioned on its cooperation or intransigence. The threat of sensory deprivation has also proved to be a useful tool.

For reasons unknown, reproducing the Agent in a virtual machine along the lines of
have failed

The only permitted method of interview is via the transmission (in both directions) of integers corresponding to ASCII codes. Summaries or condensations of such interviews may be prepared before administering prophylactic amnestics. No verbatim copies of said interviews may be maintained. Note: these measure was instituted once it was discovered that an interviewer had developed the compulsion to reproduce in hand-written form the sequence of integers which comprised the interview.