Research Team Infinity and their researched SCPs

So you may be wondering "what is Team Infinity?" Team Infinity is our own team of researcher determined to figure out what the SCPs we study do. But to speak in person we are two writers (or more if some of our other friends ever decide to take a try at writing a SCP) that enjoy reading the stories and files of SCPs. We even enjoyed playing fan games of the foundation to get a better experience of what it would be as a researcher or other jobs of the foundation. We have gotten GOD DAMN IMMORTAL done, even though I change it a lot, and The Blood Crazed Blade. I'm gonna be doing a rework with MA Gum (probably a new name as well) because what it does now isn't even interesting to me so I'm on the idea board for that one.

If anyone wants to help with this project or want to write a SCP and have it be apart of our teams researched scps discord me (TSNS_Manface#0434) and we can setup something. We would love to grow Team Infinity with more researchers (writers)!