Researcher Cato's Sandbox

Name: D-7603 "Cato"

Clearance: General Level 3

Position: Consultant for Spatial, Environmental, Semantic Anomalies

Location: Site-88, other sites and field as needed.

Primary Duties:
Initial evaluation and review of poorly understood anomalies
Advisement for interaction with poorly contained anomalies
Review of containment procedures for anomalies external to particular Foundation sites
Authors site activity and progress reports

Cato was originally acquired by the Foundation from and orphanage in [REDACTED] following the Kindergarten Proposal of 19██, an initiative to establish a small subset of D-class children in cases where adult D-class would be inappropriate or insufficient. After demonstrating a willingness to develop his own theories on the anomalies his testing involved, he was released to pursue higher education under Foundation supervision, graduated from [REDACTED] with a PhD in applied mathematics.

Rejoining the Foundation, Cato demonstrated his worth in general containment advisement, working with containment specialists and other researchers to establish a more comprehensive understanding of particularly complex or unclear anomalous phenomena.