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Don't Read This Unless You Want To Be Spoiled.



  • Remake the hub with lurkd.
  • Write up the plot structure.
  • Start adding tales to the plot structure on the sandbox. Figure out a posting order.
  • Plan rest of Phase 2.


  • Sapient SCP list for Alpha-9.
  • Non-sapient SCP list for Alpha-9 (and Kain).
    • Kain's old projects.

New Draft Incoming Week of 6/15

Phase 0: This is all one Act, running concurrent with all other acts/phases. We continue adding flashback setup stories to this, where they fit. (We CAN add flashbacks to the other Phases — that's up to us.) This is generally stories that set up key elements & themes of storylines in Resurrection.

Phase 1: Call this ACT ZERO. This is our introductory phase, covering the initial creation of Act 1.

  • Help! I don't know what to write! That's okay! Phase 1 is pretty packed as-is. It's definitely do-able to just introduce more characters & storylines into the other Phases — Phase 2 in particular.

Phase 2: Call this ACT ONE. This is mostly the team getting its feet wet, with the introduction of other threats and difficulties. Other GoIs are becoming more aware of Alpha 9, but they're not openly in conflict yet, except where the Foundation is always in conflict. This phase ends when the other GoIs declare war, basically.

  • Phase 2 contains a time jump. Stories can take place anytime within this gap. But Alpha-9's first official mission — with Iris, in No Joke — allows for Iris to have received 2 months of training. Everyone else needs 2 months of training too minimum.
    • According to our unofficial internal timeline, the Iris Incident happened mid-March, Iris was recruited at the very end of March, training began for Iris, Adams, & others in April, Camp Granada takes place in May, and No Joke takes place in June.
  • This is where we start ramping up the action.
  • This is where we largely can begin to introduce GOIs and non-Foundation characters.
  • By the end of this phase, most of the major players for the following two Acts (the remainder of the Arc) should be introduced.
  • New introductory stories should shy away from Recruitment Into Alpha-9 Stories. You CAN do those, but don't default to them — they will automatically seem more boring because we have so many Recruitment stories now.
  • Help! I don't know what to write! Here are some suggestions!
    • Try collaborating with someone on a storyline — the strength of Resurrection lies in its tying together of storylines.
    • Since Phase 2 has more of an action bent — in the context of the situation of the Act, what action scenes might be fun for you to write?
    • Introduce characters from outside the Foundation! Especially GOIs.
    • Don't be afraid to bring in plotlines totally separate from Alpha-9. Alpha-9 is the core of the start of Resurrection, but it was never intended to remain so.
    • Brainstorm with others on some Alpha-9 missions! (Light, Clef, Mann, and Moose are all looking into this in particular.)

Phase 3: Call this ACT TWO. So the GOIs have effectively declared war against the Foundation. This is generally that conflict. It finally gets resolved just as the Bowe Commission reveals itself, which will be the nadir, where the Foundation is at its lowest and most vulnerable. But at that point, they know who their new enemy is, and the other GoIs start seeing the Bowe Commission as a greater threat than the Foundation.

  • The turning point comes after the Bowe Commission makes its big move.

Phase 4: Call this ACT THREE. This is the Foundation (with some help from GoIs) going after the Bowe Commission, ending with the BC's defeat (though not destruction, of course), and entering into a new equilibrium and balance of power with the other GoIs.

  • GOC & Foundation may end with some form of cooperative agreement (or not).

Phase 5 & Beyond: At this point we shift focus to a new source of conflict.

  • One major possibility is the reality-breaking storyline being set up as a long-running subplot through the prior phases. Here is where it could rise to the forefront. Time to save reality, guys!
  • REMEMBER: Resurrection's catalyst is Alpha-9, but its fundamental concept is 'continuation of the First Storyline' — which was never just Omega-7. It can incorporate literally anything we have an interest in doing — or anything anyone else wants to bring into that world, who joins us down the line.

CREDIT: Mann proposed this overall structure. Large amounts of this are directly copy/pasted from discussion with Mann.