Resurrection Timeline

Note: This timeline is for internal consistency use only and does not necessarily reflect the actual dates. Material that is canon to this storyline contains at least three distinct, contradictory time frames:

  • the Old Era took place in the late 90's
  • the Old Era took place in the early 00's
  • the Old Era took place in the late 00's

We'll likely use Incident Zero as an explanation for this.
Style Guide: Year dates should not be used in Resurrection tales. In-story, the Iris Incident takes place "nine years" after the end of the Old Era… whenever that was.


  • SCP Foundation established.
  • Chaos Insurgency. ("Insurrection" takes place in the 20s or 30s)
  • Bowe Commission approaches SCP Foundation with an offer of cooperation.
  • SCP Foundation establishes MTF Omega-7.
  • SCP-076 recruited into MTF Omega-7.
  • Agent Adrian Andrews (A.A.) recruited into MTF Omega-7.


  • SCP-239 is taught "magic". (Sigurros is 7)
    • [Note: this is the only date in the article]


  • Incident 239-B Clef/Kondraki occurs. Sigurros is put into a coma, and her SCP file is closed. (Sigurros is 8.)
  • SCP-105 defeats SCP-076 and is recruited into MTF Omega-7. (Iris is 14.)
  • Site-19 blows up. (Duke Till Dawn)

2006 (Nine Years Ago)

  • Dr. Dantensen falsifies several records and releases several female SCP humanoids without permission. All are retrieved, including SCP-105, and Dr. Dantensen is terminated.
  • Incident Zero. An SCP Foundation researcher researching cross-experimentation of SCP objects, wipes himself out of existence and unleashes an out-of-control nanomachine plague from an alternate timeline upon the world.
  • On the way back from retrieving SCP-105, Agents Adrian Andrews and Beatrix Maddox are reportedly killed in action. Agent Andrews merges with the nanomachine plague and is redesignated SCP-784-ARC. Agent Beatrix Maddox is found completely paralyzed: she is kept secretly alive in a Foundation medical facility for further testing.
  • Iris's camera taken away (coincides with her deactivation from Omega-7). (Iris is 15.)
  • [Some time passes.]
  • MTF Omega-7 crashes and burns (SCP-076, SCP-076-2, Resurrection Hub).
  • All operatives of Omega-7 reported dead in official records. Senior Operatives Billy Abrams and Pete Avalon, as well as Operative Fatimah Workwise and Junior Operative Noah Chase survive, undergo amnestic treatment, and are "retired", off the record.
  • Following an unsuccessful attempt to weaponize SCP-784-ARC, Adrian Andrews and Beatrix Maddox unsuccessfully try to leave, are assassinated by Clef and Mobile Task Force Alpha-1 ("Red Right Hand"). Clef is badly injured. (784 Incident)
  • SCP Foundation severs links with the U.S. military's secret Bowe Commission.
  • Olympia Project shuttered. Subject Zero undergoes memory erasure.
  • Kondraki assassinated (The King Is Dead).
  • Andrea S. Adams assigned as Clef's new assistant.


  • The remaining "senior staff" are systemically mothballed. (Gears and a few others like him are exceptions.)
  • In His Own Image — Troy Lament finally leaves Gears' employ.
    • (May not be timeline-compatible in this version, because it posits that Iceberg killed himself in the 90s, and so couldn't have been involved in Duke Til Dawn in 2005. But due to Incident Zero taking place the following year, this may still be viable.)


  • Andrea S. Adams reassigned to active duty.


  • 5/24: Aleksander's daughter (Lucille) born - Aleksander joins MC&D.



  • 3/1: O5-9 ("Misfortune"/SCP-963-2) officially removed from the Council (continues to work for the Foundation in a lesser role). Non-Foundation scientist D. W. Taylor instated as O5-9 ("The Outsider").
  • In His Own Image — Lament reconnects with Gears after a breach in Site-19.
    • (May not be timeline-compatible in this version?)
    • (If it is: ) Lament is assigned to Everett Mann at some point after this; possibly soon after, possibly after more time passes.


  • 4/9: SCP-003 incident. M03-Gloria procedures suspended, O5-10 ("Stone") removed from the Council.
  • [Later in April]: O5-10 ("The Archivist") instated to the Council from within the Foundation.


  • Huntsmen program at MC&D initialized - Aleksander recruited.


  • MC&D Huntsmen program mothballed.
  • SCP-2000 fails readiness evaluation. Deus Ex Machina protocol determined to be ineffective.
  • Dr. Gears resigns from most active duty responsibilities to focus primarily upon medical duties, including caring for Dr. Kain Pathos Crow.
  • [Late November]: Strelnikov retires (forcing his own retirement) as Interim Director of Site-19 [tentative date]





  • A corrupted/injured Way merged with a Neverwere nearly ends the world. The Serpent's Hand, the Black Queen, and SCP-239 cooperate to stop the entity, culminating in a fight at Site-17 (Serpent Sequence). (Sigurros is 17 chronologically, though perhaps not physically/mentally)
    • Though 239 tries to cover it up, this incident confirms to the Foundation that 239 has been awake for some time, and continues to pretend to be asleep to please them.



Takes Place Before Posted Date
Takes Place On Posted Date
Takes Place After Posted Date


  • 3/14: An unknown group breaches Site 19. Iris engages and eliminates multiple threats. (Immediate Actions)
  • 3/15: Clef and Kain have a talk. (New Tricks)
  • 3/15: A group of Foundation higher-ups explicitly name Alpha-9 and officially suggest it as part of the pre-existing "Project Resurrection". (The Seed of An Idea)
  • 3/16: [O5-2, O5-4, O5-7, O5-9, and O5-10 embrace the idea; though 7 is wary, and 2 doesn't approve of the speed with which the project picked up steam — though not enough to override the others]
  • 3/17: Maria Jones and Jack Bright have a talk. (LWWEKTTSW)
  • 3/17: O5-7 reactivates the Tav-666 Contingency MTF. Clef recruits Andrea S. Adams as the sole member of his task force (Contingency)
    • 3/17 - 3/23: Adam's termination of the reality bender, assignment to task force. (Contingency ends on a Monday, currently 3/23)
  • 3/19: Light is approached about Alpha-9. (Deals With The Devil)
  • 3/22: Light officially elevated to Commander of Alpha-9 (Deals With The Devil)
  • 3/23 - 3/27: Clef & Adams fight over a name (What's In A Name) [this tale has to take place on a Mon - Fri]
  • 3/26: Aeslinger is sent to investigate Able (Just A Formality) — this may be shifted in the timeline depending on what Crayne writes next; currently date of posting
  • 3/28: Aktus is attached to Alpha-9 (Integrity Project)
    • 3/29: Aktus meets Zena.
  • 3/30: Aktus & Gillespie meet (Boss Of Me)
  • 3/31: Kain's R&D projects are reactivated, and he is assigned as Alpha-9's primary quartermaster (New Tricks)
  • 3/31: Iris is interviewed by O5-10 and convinced to join Alpha-9. (The Wolves at the Door).
    • [Needs to take place ~2 weeks after Immediate Actions.]
  • 3/31: Chelsea Elliott joins Alpha-9 (Light-Dependent Reactions).
    • [Needs to take place before GNO.]
  • 3/??: Maria Jones and Alexandra [LAST NAME] reactivate the surviving members of Omega-7. (All This Wandering, Upcoming) — This probably takes place earlier in the timeline.


  • 4/3: By this time, or earlier, a Council vote is scheduled to approve or shut down the Alpha-9 project, after the rest of the O5 Council discovers the project and aren't completely happy.
  • 4/3: Iris and Adams go out on the town. (Girls' Night Out) It does not go well. The GOC confirms that the Foundation has "reactivated its assault unit". Alison Chao, the Black Queen, decides it's time to inform "certain people about recent developments."
    • [Needs to take place a few days after Wolves.]
  • 4/4: Clef sees a Dog about a Suit.
  • 4/4: The Little Misters are approached to be a part of Alpha-9. It does not go terribly well. (Museum of Idiots)
  • 4/4[?]: Elliott reports to Kain, and Q-Branch gets to work. (Old Dog, New Leaf — upcoming)
  • 4/5: Aktus goes to Lurk. (Additional Resources)
  • 4/6 - 4/11: Adams goes through training. (Number One With A Bullet)
  • 4/7: Aleksander Foxx sent to Foundation (Job Opportunities).
  • 4/13: O5-9 and O5-10 go to see the Council oracles (Pythia's Wing).
  • 4/16[?]: News of outbreak of 008 received; Iris' camera returned; (Number One With A Bullet)
    • Covers several days
  • 4/26: Jeremiah Cimmerian joins Alpha-9. (Lending A Hand)
    • Covers several days
  • 4/26: The Council vote takes place some time in the few days after this (as late as 4/30; this date is left ambiguous). Alpha-9 is approved. (The High Court With The Magic Army)
    • Covers several days
  • 4/27: (I Was Not Magnificent)


[Alpha-9 is in training.]

[All these tales may actually take place later in the timeline]

May 2015 - January 2016

Alpha-9 is in training. (Tales still need to be fully organized.)

February 2016


  • 2/12[?]: Alpha-9's first official mission, starring Iris (No Joke)
    • Before this occurs, Iris has had 2 months of training; other members are not necessarily fully trained yet.