Agent Medik

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in the medical office of site [REDACTED], in the room closest to the onsite Morgue. It is to be treated as a regular display skeleton in all senses, except bones on SCP-Blank are not to be touched. All doctors of site [REDACTED] are to have basic Anti-Memetic training, as well as combat training.

Description: To most people, SCP-XXXX appears as a normal human Skeleton with partially white-grey and brown bones, usually motionless, and must not be treated as a threat in any way. To Schizophrenics however, the skeleton appears to have clear, luminescent hairs ranging from approximately 10 (Ten) to 60 (Sixty) centimetres even on recorded images, however these subjects do not note this as out of the ordinary. Subjects who see these hairs describe them as what a person would look like without skin, but are inconsistent with where these hairs are, or how many hairs there are. For example, multiple subjects who can see SCP-XXXX may see different parts of it covered with hair in different parts. Subjects who have had multiple viewings of SCP-XXXX claim no change in appearance.

When subjects with Autism are exposed to SCP-XXXX, they show signs of immense discomfort around SCP-XXXX, and usually try to 'Stay out of reach'. Subjects with Aspersers have a similar effect, but to a lesser extent. Testing has shown that subjects with both Autism and Schizophrenia may have the ability to both fear and see SCP-XXXX for what it is, however the rarity of one individual having both of these mental disorders is highly unlikely, so further testing is required.

It is unknown how long SCP-XXXX has existed, as none of its bones has shown the same age, and its ability to replace damaged bone. It does this by cutting into a deceased human and searching for appropriate bones. Once SCP-XXXX has found a suitable bone, it will shatter it and the bone intended to be replaced in almost exactly the same way, by unknown means. It will then proceed to slowly replace every piece of the old bone with the new one in both itself, and the corpse. After which, it will then sew the corpse with one of its own hairs in a way that most people (Schizophrenics excluded) would not be able to tell the corpse was opened. SCP-XXXX has been shown to do this with every part of itself including the Ossicles, other than the skull. It is unknown why the skull has not been replaced since the time of containment, but it is theorised that the core or most fragile part of SCP-XXXX is inside.