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Image of SCP-XXXX.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: No personnel are permitted within the SCP-XXXX restricted zone, details of which can be found in daily Site-77 threat level documentation briefings. Those found to have ventured into this zone must undergo a full medical examination.

A 10m³ Faraday containment unit coated with 3 layers of standard wire mesh is SCP-XXXX's primary containment vessel.

In the event of SCP-XXXX's effective range growing too large, read Addendum XXXX-I.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a 1990-1992 Macintosh Classic computer. It shows moderate wear consistent with normal use, along with the name "MARK" written in block capital letters across the back of SCP-XXXX's case. All components of SCP-XXXX apart from the processing unit are standard hardware.

This processor emits a high frequency electromagnetic signal that effects objects in a space correlating to it's frequency output.

Contained by the Foundation 10-30-████ in [REDACTED] California, SCP-XXXX was discovered in the basement of Mark [REDACTED], a local author that hadn't been seen leaving his house in months. When he hadn't payed his utility bills even after getting a shut-off notice, all electric services to his residence were turned off. Strangely enough, several worried neighbors due to Mark's lack of contact reported seeing lights coming from inside his house, which was after his house had supposedly stopped receiving power.

Due to the calls surrounding Mark, a police officer entered his residence to not be heard from until three days later, and had sustained several injuries of unknown source. The said officer reported no traces of Mark [REDACTED], except for a bloodstain on a chair next to an old computer. Notified by the events, the Foundation dispatched Epsilon 6 suspecting the reported computer to be a possible source of the viewed anomaly. Epsilon 6 returned approximately 6 hours from the house with SCP-XXXX in a sealed copper crate. It's reported that upon SCP-XXXX's containment, all lights in the residence turned off. Discovered next to SCP-XXXX upon containment was a series of journal logs by Mark [REDACTED] that tell of his experience making and using SCP-XXXX see Addendum XXXX-II.

It's processor, seeming to be the source of it's anomalous effects, emits a high frequency electromagnetic signal that effects objects in a space correlating to it's frequency output. Any matter within the effective range of SCP-XXXX that cannot effectively block electromagnetic fields will be seen experiencing a varying time dilation which includes; Randomly slowing down, speeding up, stopping, and teleporting. Subjects that enter the effective range of SCP- report seeing the exact same time dilation effects happening to all matter outside of the object's range. The effective range of SCP-XXXX fluctuates randomly, usually staying the same. However, when it does grow it usually does so at a rate of 1cm per day. The fastest reported growth rate was 1m per hour. Attempts have been made to change the processor that SCP-XXXX uses in hopes of neutralizing it's anomalous effects, but any replacements for it's old processor will instantly turn into the same Motorola MC68010 it had before. SCP-XXXX doesn't seem to have any means of connected current to function, but it stays powered on regardless with attempts to turn it off proving fruitless. In addition, anything matter that moves within the range of the anomaly will be found afterwards with minor scrapes that appear to be caused from moving at high speeds, similar to those found on the paint of supersonic air crafts. Subjects after SCP-XXXX testing put under an X-ray may have slightly damaged organs, and these damages occur more frequently on items/subjects the longer they are within the effective area.

Addendum XXXX-I: During the event of SCP-XXXX's effective range growing past it's containment area, its current site location will be evacuated and a 50cm³ Faraday cage will be lowered onto SCP-XXXX via helicopter. In the event that the anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX have grown too strong, a high intensity EMP will be detonated directly outside of the objects effective range.