Rexbeat's Draft for an SCP
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Item #: SCP-3382

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3382 is to be kept within a secure containment cell near Research Sector-██. Due to the nature of 3382 and the power it possess, blast doors have been installed.
A terminal has been placed in a 2.5m x 2.5m x 3m room at [REDACTED] , and may only be accessed by Level 3 or higher, this terminal can be used to program new orders into SCP-3382.
SCP-3382 may not be let out of its containment unless given clearance by Level 3 or higher. The only valid reason to let 3382 out of containment is to help when the facility is under attack or a mass breach has occurred. When SCP-3382 is let out of its containment, a Level 3 or higher must then grant it orders, after which they must accompany SCP-3382 along with three other armed guards until all of its orders are carried out.
Any experiments carried out on SCP-3382 must take place with a Level 4 or higher nearby, as it seems SCP-3382 will respond to most commands given from them.

Description: SCP-3382 is Humanoid in appearance, with a height of 1.9 m and a weight of 117.9 kg. The appearance of SCP-3382 can be described wearing white metallic armor with red patterns tracing along the chest piece and helmet, under which is a ridged grey metal body. It has been confirmed that the "armor" is part of SCP-3382's body. This feature seems to have been modified however as both the color and type of armor in which SCP-3382 has on has changed since it was first found. SCP-3382 was first discovered outside of site ██, its left arm was seemingly ripped from its body at the time, its original armor at the time being less than what it has currently equipped, consisting of only a flat metal plate over his chest and a dented metal helmet. SCP-3382 was retrieved by Mobile Task Force [REDACTED] and brought to site ██.

SCP-3382 is able to speak English, it speaks in a way almost similar to a old computer, making various noises as it attempts to find a response and then speaking in a low Russian accent. SCP-3382 seems to be docile unless provoked or attacked, it also seems to respond very aggressively when members of Level 4 or higher are insulted, attacked or otherwise provoked, this being caused by a protection program within it, recognizing Level 4 or higher as top priority members. Most cases have ended in the aggressor of the situation becoming either detained with injury or terminated. Tests have also been taken in attempting to destroy SCP-3382, Only one of which has proved useful, lava being poured on SCP-3382 has shown to be extremely useful as the lava melted the bottom half of SCP-3382. After which, it attempted to quickly terminate the subject that attempted to destroy it. SCP-3382 seems to run on a charge the life of said charge is about 6 days, after which it must be recharged at a charging station, which has been installed into the interior of it's Containment Cell. SCP-3382 has seemed to obtained a respect for both the facility and the foundation personnel and is willing to aid them in exchange that it be allowed once a month to roam around the surface with an escort and gather new data.

Video log from Interview #3382-Log 1:

Interviewed: SCP-3382

Interviewer: Senior Researcher Retensia & Senior R&D █████ ███

Foreword: First Interview with 3382, attempting to find out it's past.

<Begin Log, 12/23/2006 22:30>

Senior Researcher Retensia: "Good morning, SCP 3382."

SCP-3382: [Noises sound from 3382] "Status: Online." "Say: Hello."

Senior Researcher Retensia: "Morning, I had a few questions for you if you don't mind. "

SCP-3382: *Makes a few noises* "Say: Go ahead."

*SR Retensia makes a note about the noises.*

Senior Researcher Retensia: "3382 do you know why you follow foundation personnel's orders?"

SCP-3382: [More noises are heard from 3382] "Say: Searching……..File Found…..I see that you are keeping the dangers at bay. I wish to help."

Senior Researcher Retensia: "And do you know anything about these dangers we secure?"

SCP-3382: *More noises come from 3382* "Say: Some, mostly of 682 and other large scale threats."

Senior Researcher Retensia: "What do you know about the um…large scale threats? And how do you know?"

SCP-3382: Say: "I know that if they were not secured, they could destroy much…and I know because of the private military in [REDACTED] know as [REDACTED]"

Senior Researcher Retensia: "Thank you 3382, some more questions. Is your creator among [REDACTED]? "

SCP-3382: "Say: Searching……..Error…..Data Corrupted…"*Many noises come from 3382*

*SR Retensia hums thoughtfully.*

Senior Researcher Retensia: "SR Retensia: Do you know if there are more instances of yourself? "

SCP-3382: "Say: Negative, I am the only one, the company was destroyed shortly after."

Senior Researcher Retensia: "Do you know where this company was located at?"

SCP-3382: "It was in [REDACTED]"

*SR Retensia writes down more notes.*

Senior Researcher Retensia: "Thank you, 3382. Let me backtrack a moment. You said [REDACTED] told you about various anomalous threats. Did they tell you of any anomalies that aren't currently contained on any of foundation locations?"

SCP-3382: "Say: Searching files………..No files found."

*SR Retensia frowns.*

Senior Researcher Retensia: "Thank you, 3382. That will be all for now."

*the Research lab door opens and Senior R&D █████ ███ walks in.*

Senior R&D █████ ███: "Hey, I tried to make 3382 a new arm. Are you still busy or are you finished?"

*3382 looks at the two and makes a few noises*

Senior Researcher Retensia: "We're finished here for the time being, thank you. "

*Senior R&D █████ ███ puts on protective gear and goes in the laboratory.*

Senior R&D █████ ███: Ok, Soo….I am gonna try to attach it to 3382.

*3382 makes loud noises*

SCP-3382: "File Found……….."2468"……"

Senior R&D █████ ███: "What?"

SCP-3382: "Uncontained dangerous anomaly found"

Senior R&D █████ ███: "Mind telling us how do you know about him and what do you know about him?"

SCP-3382: "Found by Yuri Pracovich…….Attempt at containment……Failed…..Results of attempted capture lead to…….[REDACTED] Being taken…..Status of [REDACTED] is unknown."

Senior R&D █████ ███: Ok…I am gonna end this interview now and try to fix his arm. And maybe see the status of [REDACTED].

*3382 looks at the new arm and nods*

*the video file ends*

<End Log, 12/23/2006 23:27>

Closing Statement: [3382 gave a significant amount of information including a new possible GOI in [REDACTED], A pinch of information about [REDACTED] and Possible usefulness in the facility]