RF Arnold

Item #:

Object Class: Safe

Partial shot of components during installation
Special Containment Procedures: The processing system occupies Processing Floor 1B, Site 20 Subbasement 1. Processing Floor 1B has been designated a containment area.

Do not examine, research or test the processing system. Do not approach the system. Do not occupy Processing Floor 1B. Security personnel should not include Processing Floor 1B on their patrol schedule. Custodial personnel should not include Processing Floor 1B on their cleaning schedule. If the odor is disruptive and Site 20 personnel request cleaning services, custodial personnel should activate the local safety sprinklers for twenty minutes. A drain beneath the final puller will prevent liquid retention. The electrical connection to Processing Floor 1B has been disconnected.

When objects enter the containment area, the processing system will activate. The nature of the objects may impel processing system deactivation.

Description: A system initially designed to expedite safe, efficient processing of similar objects in large quantities using energy derived from drainage waste. An object grading system was added to expedite the processing of indiscriminate objects in large quantities. The processing system exhibits inordinate object detection properties unnecessary for normal grading, prompting the development of special containment procedures. Do not attempt reclamation.