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Item #: SCP-2542

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-2542 is to remain contained in a 7m by 7m, containment facility with a one way mirror on the side facing SCP-2542's entrance.Despite no history of moving, SCP-2542 needs 24/7 supervision. When testing or routine inspections take place, it is advised to not step foot inside of SCP-2542 due to the November 9th incident. If interior inspection is imperative, SCP-2542's entrance must be secured by multiple MTF guards to keep from closing magnetic force used to pull the door as far open as it can be opened.

Clearance has increased from Level-0 to Level-2 due to past events involving SCP-2542. SCP-2542 has been known to exhibit unpredictable behavior over the course of its containment. Extreme caution is to be exercised when in close proximity to SCP-2542. Magnetic substances are not allowed inside the containment area. The only instances in which metallic substances are allowed within the containment facility is during crucial testing requiring level 3 clearance and higher. If any personnel are careless enough to break this rule, they will be suspended from their duties for an undisclosed amount of time and incarcerated until SCP-2542 staff permits them to resume their duties.

No testing on SCP-2542 is to occur without clearance and the approval of the SCP-2542 project director.

Description: SCP-2542 is a 3m by 3m single prison cell made of Iron walls which measure 33 cm in thickness. One defining visual characteristic is the number '62' painted on the right side in white. SCP-2542 has been proven to exhibit sentient traits as well as the ability to learn and evolve its anomalies. SCP-2542 has control of its internal pressurization levels. When exercising this anomaly, it lowers the pressure inside from a normal level to fatal levels. (It is the equivalent of the pressure of multiple atmospheres condensing down into one.) This yields similar results as explosive decompression. Victims, depending on their proximity to the source of the pressure change are immediately, and violently dismembered. Internal organs are ejected from the body, limbs are ripped out of their sockets, and the state of the body is turned into an innumerable amount of fragments and pieces.

SCP-2542 has the power of pressure variation, otherwise known as 'DELTA P' once its door is sealed. There have been no findings of man-made devices causing these results. According to the recently installed barometer, the PSI within SCP-2542 is the same as the outside pressure until the door is sealed. If there is no test subject inside, the pressure maintains a normal level. However, if there is a test subject inside, the pressure decreases past the point of accurate readings from the barometer.

SCP-2542 has been known to exhibit sentient behavior over the course of its containment. Its evolution of sentience is unpredictable. New abilities have appeared in various lengths of time ranging from two weeks after its previously acquired mode of power to seven months. Many evolved abilities have been minor in significance, although multiple dangerous developments have taken place as well.

Some observed examples of minor change are:

  • Writing on the outside walls of 2542 which can range in language or simply be unintelligible
  • Low, robotic-like, unintelligible voices emanating from 2542. No coherent sentences have been recorded, but random words and numbers have been heard coming from 2542. Although there hasn't been any direct correlation with the words spoken by 2542, the majority have been spoken in Latin and Russian.
  • Changes in the temperature of the of 2542's iron. The temperature in the facility remains at 16 degrees Celsius at all times, but 2542's walls have been recorded being between a range of temperatures. The lowest recorded was -12 degrees Celsius, and the highest being 23 degrees Celsius.
  • Differences in the texture and appearance of the iron. This includes, massive dents, color change, and a rare phenomenon of puncture holes all the way through the iron. However, this has not effected the pressure levels inside.

Addendum:SCP-2542 has acquired illusionist tactics such as having lost items from Foundation personnel appear inside, luring those careless enough to their deaths. Previous tests of SCP-2542's illusion ability used stray dogs and feral cats as test subjects to observe the effects on different subjects besides D Class personnel. All subjects were terminated by explosive force of various strengths.

Notably, SCP-2542 becomes agitated and harder to control when inmates are brought within its proximity. SCP-2542 uses its illusion ability to attempt to lure the inmates near. If the inmates are not persuaded by the illusions, this causes SCP-2542 to emit a high frequency pitch as a response.

(SCP-2542 will emit a high frequency pitch when being subdued by the magnetic force used to combat its attempts to close its door, which has proven successful in restraining SCP-2542. Two possible theories for this reaction have been taken into consideration. One being that the high pitch is its response to pain and the equivalent of crying to a human, or possibly a tantrum similar to those observed in young children.)

One instance which had involved prisoners, SCP-2542's research team and MTF guards had been equipped with ear protection and were not affected by the high frequency pitch. The inmates involved in the test however, were unequipped with said protection, and became unresponsive due to massive strain on the inner ear and brain. One prisoner dropped dead on site. Later autopsy showed that the inmate had suffered an aneurysm of the brain. The surviving inmates in the test were subsequently forced into SCP-2542.

SCP-2542 seemed to become more cooperative after the prisoners were terminated. This introduced the theory that SCP-2542 is able to detect who is and who is not a threat or an individual who it deems not deserving of life based on their past or present actions. No details on if it is able to detect an individual's future actions at this time. Current research is studying this theory.