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This page is for my writing that is not ready to be read, so be wary of cringey ideas, crude blocks of crap, and random spoiler snippets.

Right now, I've got two articles to my name: SCP-2559 is about a memetic virus, except it's not actually about the virus. SCP-2338 is about some very scary lil kids in Hallowe'en costumes… except it's not. Time will tell whether this is a pattern.

UPDATE: My third article, SCP-2779, is about a cute pig who can talk to computers except it's not actually about the pigFUCK I'VE DONE IT AGAIN.

uhhh also 948 and 3500.

and This Year.


Silverfish/Mr Dove: Silver to himself, Fishy to everyone else, an oily social climber with everything to lose and everything to gain. This is his first truly major social event, and he's desperate to please.

Colonel Bouy: An Army vet and Silverfish's aunt, Glass is known for her shortness and disinterest in social niceties. Granted a place at the table due to family connection, sticks out like a sore thumb but in a way everyone finds very trendy. One of the wealthier people at the table to have made their own way monetarily, hunting the wildest of game for immense profit.

Miss Rua Bander: A true beauty, revered from a young age, Rua has many dozens of suitors - rumours abound that she's been dating Fishy, but neither will confirm nor deny. Seen by the majority as the most vapid and idiotic of the lot.

Professor Kirk Ra: A man of high regards in journalistic circles, and perhaps the only person who could take down every person in the room with simple words. Word is he's been working on an article about Fishy behind his back, and the only reason he was invited was so Fishy could woo him with fancy things.

Lady Gurm: A shrewd older woman with too much knowledge for anyone's good but her own. People are constantly on edge around her, waiting for her to drop the next bombshell that could mar their reputations.

Bonnie the Butler: Head of the servants in Mr Dove's manor, it's well-known that Bonnie was hospitalised last year with a broken arm and a crushed windpipe - no explanation was ever provided, and one of the guests knows that Bonnie tried to seek work elsewhere before returning.

Reverend Glass: A Cogworth Orthodox minister with connections, Reverend Glass has been known to butt heads with Fishy's Maxwellist leanings, to the point that many guests were surprised to hear he'd been invited. Was heard throughout the night throwing jabs at he host.


I glare into my mirror with revulsion. the man who stares back is weak-chinned, weak-willed, horrible. A social leech. I am very glad I am not him.

I am perfect.

Glancing up at the clock, I startle - the guests are almost to arrive! The man in the mirror twists his face in pathetic shock. I must work to maintain my cool. I straighten my tie and make tiny adjustments to my styled hair. It must all work. It will all work. When I know something is true, it becomes true. That is what it means to be a God among mortals.

The first of the cars will be pulling in soon. I won't be greeting them, of course, nothing so frightfully common, but I must make sure I have my appearances. Calm, collected, perhaps with a glass of brandy in my hand, the bottle carelessly uncorked beside me? Yes, that will work. They will love it, the facade of it. They will love me.

I set about being a perfectly imperfect host.


I first glance my Adonis across the room, arriving perfectly late, their hair and cotton jacket casting a dewy halo in the gas light by the door - they're perfectly misted with melted snowdrops, a living Coca-Cola advertisement. Of course they walked, though they could have afforded the car. Of course their air is now lightly frizzing, though they clearly sunk hundreds into the styling of it for the night. It's these details that remind me how much I still have to learn to be one of these people.

We've fucked, that's par for the course here, obviously, as what matters is who you can /regularly/ fuck. My Adonis is not yet that for me, but I shall rectify it, that is to be assured. I take my time


The guests babbled among themselves about small things and large - current events in Three Portlands (plans to incorporate a fourth Portland? utterly ghastly!), their thoughts on the North Korea situation (terrible, terrible, but at least Kim is making the best of a bad situation) and the tenderness of the panda liver starter (perfectly pitched!). The servants had cleared away the plates, and now Bonnie, the head of staff in the mansion, stood behind Fishy

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