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Right now, I've got two articles to my name: SCP-2559 is about a memetic virus, except it's not actually about the virus. SCP-2338 is about some very scary lil kids in Hallowe'en costumes… except it's not. Time will tell whether this is a pattern.

UPDATE: My third article, SCP-2779, is about a cute pig who can talk to computers except it's not actually about the pigFUCK I'VE DONE IT AGAIN.

uhhh also 948 and 3500.

and This Year.

Item #: SCP-4440

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4440 is currently housed in Site-19's low-security humanoid containment complex1. Contingent on continued good behaviour, SCP-4440 has been provided with a level-0 keycard that provides her access to a number of staff common rooms and resources, including unrestricted internet access and full access to the research labs when accompanied by at least one other member of staff with a security clearance of 1 or higher.

When outside of the complex, SCP-4440 is to wear an adapted climbing harness which keeps her tethered to specially-installed rails on the walls and ceilings around the facility. These rails are to be inspected and maintained once every year, or at the request of SCP-4440 or any member of staff.

Description: SCP-4440 is Imani Abernathy, former NASA researcher and final commander of the International Space Station, who is not affected by the Earth's gravitational pull, nor that of any known celestial body. This anomalous effect is spread to any waste products from SCP-4440, as well as any items or beings she touches directly, for between 5 and 12 hours2.

SCP-4440's anomalous property was not present prior to her ten-month stint on the ISS in 2028, and is believed to have manifested during her atmospheric reentry on December 9th 2028. Cockpit footage from this re-entry was livestreamed by SCP-4440 as part of her greater push to reinvigorate the ISS's social media presence, and shows her losing consciousness simultaneously with external video footage showing her re-entry capsule ceasing downward movement 100 metres above the surface of the Pacific Ocean, 4 kilometres off the coast.

(0123 GMT) CDR ABERNATHY: We're at about 3500 feet now, about the height commercial airliners fly at, above cloud cover. It's, uh, it's real odd to think that, that this is as far as y'all ever get from Earth, cos I reckon I'm already home.

(0125 GMT) CDR ABERNATHY: Question here from, uh, 'chaac'3. Not sure how that's pronounced, exactly. "Do you ever see any good storms up there?" Well of course! Sandstorms, rainstorms, snowstorms - they're wonderful to see. Suarez, snoozin' here, claims he saw a thunderstorm over Brazil, big enough he heard it himself. Now that's silliness of course, but don't nobody tell him I was bad-mouthing.

(0129 GMT) CDR ABERNATHY: Next question is - gosh, I'm really feeling that pressure change now - next's from, gosh, from Hang Nguyen, she wants to know "Hi, how did you get into NASA as an astronaut? I'm 14 now, and I've been…". OK, rest of that is mostly just talking about her life, what inspired…. Sorry, I'd read the full, oh dear…

Cdr Abernathy loses consciousness for about 5 seconds, then wakes up.

(0131 GMT) CDR ABERNATHY: The, the full questions can be rather long, so I won't read the full things. Not much on the clock til touchdown, you understand. So, now, I actually started out as a researcher, but there was the opportunity back in 2021 to-

Comms crackle, interrupting Abernathy.

(0132 GMT) CONTROL: Commander, be advised you were down for a number of seconds. you feeling ok?

(0132 GMT) CDR ABERNATHY: Oh, gosh, did I? That's odd, I was fine through entry.
Cdr Abernathy takes a sip of water from a straw inside her helmet.

((0133 GMT) CDR ABERNATHY: I wonder if it's because…

//Cdr Abernathy loses consciousness again, this time not waking up. At 0137, Foundation agents within NASA take down the stream.

At 0133 GMT, SCP-4440's capsule began to slow in the air, coming to almost to a total halt vertically before landing in the Pacific Ocean at 0159, about twenty minutes after its predicted landing time. [Something something recovery]. SCP-4440 says that her memory of the descent is unclear past initial re-entry, and does not remember the final few minutes at all.

Since recovery, SCP-4440 has negotiated a status as a level-0 researcher, and has assisted in research on a number of Anomalous Items and Safe-class SCPs without issue.


Dr Bridge enters SCP-4440's apartment and looks around in confusion for a number of seconds before thinking to look up to the ceiling, where SCP-4440 is attempting to solve a jigsaw puzzle floating in mid-air. SCP-4440 notices Dr Bridge and pushes off the wall to float over to her, her face angry.

SCP-4440: Eleanor, you bitch.

Dr Bridge freezes, confused. SCP-4440's face twists in amusement and she throws her arms out as she collides with Dr. Bridge to wrap her in a hug.

SCP-4440: You didn't tell me it was today!

Dr Bridge's voice cracks as she bursts into a laugh.

Dr Bridge: God, Imani, I'm so sorry! I didn't realise you'd even be allowed go. We graduated on the whole other side of the facility, past the Keter wing and everything.

SCP-4440: I could have applied to go, or just run it by Aktus. I know he's not my biggest fan, but maybe he'd've - gosh, you are just cute as a button. Do you always scrub up this well?

Dr Bridge: Ha. Thanks, I think. I dressed up for the occasion. Not every day you get your doctorate. Though you've made my blazer rather difficult, now.

Dr Bridge shrugs off her blazer to demonstrate that it is now floating freely.

SCP-4440: Shoot, I'm always forgetting. Sorry, Ellie. Hope it ain't too cold outside.

SCP-4440 takes a pair of gloves from her pocket and pulls them on.

SCP-4440: So, what are you here for, if not to let me know you're a doctor now?

Dr Bridge's smile falters slightly, then she pulls a pair of files from her bag and hands them to SCP-4440.

Dr Bridge: The good news is they've approved your proposal for testing with-

SCP-4440: They declined my request.

Dr Bridge: With your condition, I think they just felt that-

SCP-4440: My condition? Well, thank you kindly for explainin', but Eduardo in B block got in, and that man secretes acid everywhere! Worst I can do is make someone float for a bit, doesn't seem fair.

Dr Bridge: The artificial Nexus is a big project, Imani. You've worked on the ISS, you've got to know that balancing everything with so many variables, we have to reduce the possibility of bad interactions as much as possible. You're not the only one getting this result.

SCP-4440: Alright, alright. I'll deal with this as I will. Thank you, truly, for doing this face to face.

SCP-4440 attempts to place the file in the air beside her, and starts when it falls to the floor. After a second, she turns away from it and frowns, rubbing her earlobe.

Dr Bridge: And, you know, if this turns out well, it's very possible you'll be able to get in with future batches.

SCP-4440: I'll focus on the present, if that's alright. Figure out for myself how it's a gift.

Dr Bridge: While I'm here, I thought maybe we might do tea, talk about things?

SCP-4440: Bless your heart, dear, but I'd rather be alone for today, if that's all right with you.

Dr Bridge: I understand. Do let us know if there's anything I - we - can do.

SCP-4440: I did, darling. I did.

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