Rin Valence4

Item #: SCP-3153 "Jiggy Jane"

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedure: SCP-31533 is to be contained in a normal humanoid holding cell. There are to be no rough edges or sharp protrusions to harm SCP-31533 She is to be monitored by D class Personel, to protect her at all times.

Description: SCP-31533 is commonly known as Jiggy Jane. SCP-31533 appears to be a balloon in the shape of a woman dressed in red, and with brown hair. She has been known to burst if she falls or hits a corner. Extremely thin ghosts appear near her, known as SCP-31533-B, which can also make her burst.


SCP-31533 (Left) and SCP31533-B (Right), in the habitat they were found in.

Additional Notes: SCP-31533 Seems to be from a failed game named 'Action 52' by Active Enterprises. Action 52 contains fifty-two games in one cartridge, almost all the games are 'Virtually unplayable', as described by Class B Personnel in their spare time. SCP-31533 more specifically a game called 'Haunted Hill'.