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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX instances are to be engaged either by

Description: SCP-XXXX is a species of unidentified entities which cannot be observed by baseline humans and most animals without highly deleterious physical and mental effects. SCP-XXXX is believed to require physical sustenance, as it appears to consume the bodies of animals that have come under its anomalous effects, but this cannot be confirmed. The physical appearance of SCP-XXXX can only be inferred from physical trace evidence that it leaves behind, as mechanical methods of image capture suffer severe distortion, obscuring SCP-XXXX entirely. Trace evidence of SCP-XXXX suggests the following:

  • SCP-XXXX instances have an asymmetric body plan.
  • SCP-XXXX have a large number of limbs, ending in structures resembling hooves, avian digits, padded digitigrade feet, and a number of structures not resembling those found on known animals.
  • SCP-XXXX’s mouth possesses more than one row of teeth, which resemble those found in a number of different animals and are not arranged in an orderly or symmetrical fashion.
  • It has a purely carnivorous diet.
  • SCP-XXXX instances typically stand between 1.2 metres and 3.0 metres in height and have a length of between 1.8 and 6.7 metres.

Additional information about SCP-XXXX’s physical nature come only from GLASS MIRROR operatives, and such testimony is not considered to be reliable due to their altered mental states, indeed descriptions by such individuals do not generally corroborate each other. However, most testimonies regarding SCP-XXXX agree on the following points:

  • SCP-XXXX instances are covered in a combination of fur, scales and smooth pale skin.
  • SCP-XXXX instances have multiple heads and long necks.
  • SCP-XXXX instances are seriously injured, suffering from malnutrition, burns, and large open wounds, many of which are visibly infected. In one instance, a mobile SCP-XXXX instance was described as being deceased.
  • SCP-XXXX either has horns, wears a metallic crown, or both.
  • The sound produced by SCP-XXXX is seemingly a distress vocalisation which is usually described as ‘sobbing’ or ‘whimpering’.
  • SCP-XXXX behaves in a manner consistent with a state of near constant fear and distress. SCP-XXXX has very poor physical co-ordination, exacerbated by constant shaking.
  • SCP-XXXX's eyes are large, lidless, lack sclera, and are constantly weeping.
  • SCP-XXXX is unanimously described by English-speaking individuals as resembling ‘the devil’.

When SCP-XXXX is observed, either through visual or auditory means, by a human being not prepared via the Loeb protocol, that individual universally reacts with apparent signs of fear and revulsion, before undergoing a Class B Danforth Response.1 This response includes incoherent vocalisations, signs of extreme fear without any attempt to flee or attack SCP-XXXX, curling into a foetal position, and an aversion to looking at SCP-XXXX or listening to its vocalisations. After approximately 30 seconds exposed to SCP-XXXX, individuals begin to develop physical symptoms and rapidly progress into a full absence seizure. After this, some individuals exposed to SCP-XXXX for periods in excess of 5 minutes may begin to haemorrhage internally without apparent cause, frequently leading to brain damage and death. Additionally, SCP-XXXX instances, if able to do so, may begin to consume the affected individual while still alive.

Individuals exposed to SCP-XXXX report a seeing a visual distortion similar to a scintillating scotoma, followed by unconsciousness. Physical remains of SCP-XXXX are subject to similar visual aberrations, and possess mild cognitohazardous properties manifesting primarily as an aversion amongst subjects to look at or handle the remains. Genetic analysis of SCP-XXXX has proven inconclusive in placing it within standard taxonomic classes at this time. SCP-XXXX decay at a highly accelerated rate seemingly to its environment; a complete specimen killed by GLASS MIRROR operatives during containment action on 12/05/2001 underwent rapid decay despite being held in sterile cold storage, and had entirely disappeared within 13 days of its decease – field reports indicate that in a less controlled setting SCP-XXXX corpses typically persist for less than 48 hours.

Despite the extreme danger posed by SCP-XXXX instances, they are not typically aggressive, relying on its anomalous properties to hunt and for protection. SCP-XXXX typically avoid human habitation. The worldwide distribution of SCP-XXXX is poorly understood, and no clear evidence of a breeding population of SCP-XXXX has ever been found, with all SCP-XXXX instances being encountered alone. A geographical and historical summary of SCP-XXXX incidents can be found in Document XXXX-Eth.

Lengthy containment of SCP-XXXX within Foundation care is highly difficult due both to their anomalous properties and their highly self-destructive behaviour – no SCP-XXXX has survived for more than 8 days in containment. GLASS MIRROR operatives attached to research efforts generally indicate that SCP-XXXX exhibits self-harming behaviour and autocannibalism when in containment, rapidly leading to their own death.

Addendum: SCP-XXXX

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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX instances are to be engaged either by

Description: Description: SCP-XXXX are humans who have been transformed via a process (provisionally classed as SCP-XXXX-P) resulting in a number of gross physical alterations, the manifestation of anomalous spatial attributes, amnesiac episodes and an increased susceptibility to memetic suggestion. However, SCP-XXXX do not appear outwardly anomalous under normal circumstances and, due to amnesia, are usually unaware of their condition. SCP-XXXX instances are overwhelmingly created from individuals with a long-term pattern of international air travel, particularly those who frequently travel alone between their country of residence and countries listed in Document-XXXX-C. SCP-XXXX instances are believed to be created by an unknown anomalous group, which directs their movements through embedded memetic conditioning with criminal intent.

SCP-XXXX are usually unaware of their anomalous nature, but can be identified by physical examination. SCP-XXXX instances can be outwardly identified by an anomalous raphe2 running from the underside of the chin to the upper abdomen, though this may not be easily visible in all cases, while a tactile examination can usually detect their abnormal bone structure.3 SCP-XXXX instances also usually develop a variety of mental symptoms, believed to be a result of anomalous conditioning or a by-product of it:

  • Susceptibility to instructions or suggestions, particularly when delivered by certain covert methods, as well as an increased susceptibility to a variety of memetic and cognitohazardous influences.
  • Relaxed attitudes to criminality.
  • Aversion to drawing attention to themselves, especially around authority figures, and a pronounced aversion to seeking medical attention.
  • Mild to severe persistent anxiety issues when not following explicit routines, duties or instructions, accompanied by inattention and difficulty focusing.
  • Desire for solitude when eating or when ill, and a severe phobia of being seen vomiting.
  • Frequent nightmares or intrusive thoughts relating to food, eating, vomiting, and gastro-intestinal parasites.

SCP-XXXX instances have radically altered internal morphology, with the majority of gross physical changes found in the thoracic and abdominal cavities, the neck, and the jaw. These include alterations to the clavicle, ribcage and mandible, along with major changes to the muscles of the chest, neck and jaw, and the rearrangement and alteration of the internal organs to accommodate these changes. This results in the presence of a hinged structure in the upper body cavity which can open or close involuntarily in response to certain stimuli. These new structures are composed of human tissue matching the original genetic profile of the SCP-XXXX instances and show no signs of surgical manipulation.

Despite this anomalous structure, medical imagining software often fails to detect SCP-XXXX instances due to a secondary anomalous effect which causes SCP-XXXX to appear physiologically normal under most forms of medical imagining, including X-Ray imaging, although they can be detected via Magnetic Resonance Imaging.

SCP-XXXX’s anomalous anatomy allows instances to undergo a process referred to as a XXXX-Blanchard event.4 Blanchard events begin with the SCP-XXXX undergoing an absence seizure, typified by loss of consciousness but no loss of bodily co-ordination – instances will typically cease whatever any activity, lower their arms to their sides, tilt their head back, and stand or sit motionlessly, at which point anomalous symptoms commence. The jaw, ribcage, clavicle, and associated tissues of the SCP-XXXX instance split along the aforementioned raphe, with the modified bone structure of the clavicle and ribcage folding outwards, creating a large, diamond-shaped stoma in the body’s ventral surface, reaching from the upper jaw to the unfolded points of the modified clavicle, and the upper abdomen, with a taut structure of skin and muscle stretching between the four points. When this anomalous structure has unfolded to its full extent, an extra-dimensional aperture opens which is contiguous with the edges of the stoma, permitting access to an extradimensional space (SCP-XXXX-S). This state may last between a few minutes and over an hour, before the aperture dissipates, at which point the anomalous structures fold back into the chest and neck and the raphe seals itself. SCP-XXXX are typically mildly disorientated, but have no memory of the Blanchard event itself.

Instances of SCP-XXXX-S are non-identical, and are linked to specific SCP-XXXX instances – it is not known if there is any alternative way to access an SCP-XXXX-S instance besides the aperture created during a Blanchard event. The interior of SCP-XXXX comprises a bounded space surrounded by rubbery, blue-black organic tissue which bleeds a clear liquid when cut but is otherwise dry. The internal topography of SCP-XXXX-S instances are variable and irregular, but invariably consistent of a sack-like structure attached by short, tubular structures to several sphincters. One of these sphincters always relaxes during a Blanchard event and leads to the dimensional aperture created by SCP-XXXX; the purpose of the other The size of SCP-XXXX-S instances varies, with observed capacities ranging between 40 litres and around 25 kilolitres. SCP-XXXX instances appear to be capable of constricting SCP-XXXX-S’s walls reflexively, but again this is strictly an involuntary physical response that frequently accompanies Blanchard events, in some cases causing the violent ejection of the SCP-XXXX-S’s contents through the dimensional aperture.

SCP-XXXX have no conscious control over their anomalous anatomy, but are susceptible to a system of memetic triggers that control the onset of Blanchard events. Only two such triggers are known to the Foundation,5). Little is known about P-GoI-XXXX, save that they kidnap and alter non-anomalous humans to create SCP-XXXX instances, which they control via memetic conditioning for use in smuggling anomalous and non-anomalous contraband. The small number of live SCP-XXXX instances contained by the Foundation have held highly valuable materials (including drugs, weaponry, high-value items such as gemstones and precious metals, and anomalous items).

The small number of SCP-XXXX instances that have been contained have usually held highly valuable materials that would be subject to seizure due to their legality, import controls, or anomalous nature. The types of contraband smuggled by SCP-XXXX vary greatly, but frequently include drugs, weaponry, and high-value stolen property, various anomalous items, and, in one known case, a male human. It is believed that one or more groups of interest are engaged in the surreptitious abduction and conversion of travellers unknown to both the authorities and other groups of interest to facilitate smuggling operations. It is suspected that this method is preferred because contraband cannot be extracted from SCP-XXXX instances without the memetic triggers needed to prompt a Blanchard event (manual manipulation cannot generate the aperture to SCP-XXXX-S) and it is suspected that the group can access SCP-XXXX-S independently, likely in a manner related to the inactive sphincters present in each SCP-XXXX-S instance.