Sentient Hazmat Suit

Item #: SCP-21XX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-21XX is to be kept in a 8 x 15 meter concrete observation cell built with a one way mirror. The cell is furnished with a cot, a table, 2 chairs a bookcase filled with picture books, a cabinet, a television, a DVD player, a DVD collection of animated films, and a dry-erase board, as instructed by Dr.Fitzpatrick. SCP-21XX is not be outside of containment and neither are any personnel to enter the specimen's cell without the supervision of Dr.Fitzpatrick. Use of SCP-21XX must only be used with the approval and supervision of Dr.Fitzpatrick, unless in the state of an emergency.

Description: SCP-21XX is an orange SPC Foundation standard issue gas/vapor protection type Hazmat suit, size large fitted for an adult male.

SCP-21XX was discovered when it got up and walked out of a waste canister it was thrown into after Agent Dotson, who was wearing SCP-21XX, received immediate medical care after being removed.

It has been theorized that SCP-21XX gained sentience when suit was [REDACTED] during an incident involving SCP-███. Its sentience seems to have no connection to Agent Dotson.

SCP-21XX seems to be fond of images and learning, acting with child-like curiosity, even showing being capable of growing preferences and sentimental attachments, as well as displaying other human-like activities. Though it does not require nourishment or sleep, it enjoys laying on its cot like an average human. It prefers the company of psychologist, Dr.Fitzpatrick, who has closely studied SCP-21XX since the day of its containment.

SCP-21XX can perform intelligent tasks such as mathematics, puzzle and problem solving, simple sketching, and understands human speech, following simple requests when asked with a gentle tone. Although it cannot communicate through speech or writing, it can however communicate emotionally through body gestures and understands the concept of nodding for yes or no. SCP-21XX will often point to objects or images as a way of asking for knowledge on it. Most often, SCP-21XX will point to humanoid objects and then to itself. Dr.Fitzpatrick states that this is SCP-21XX "attempting understand itself by understanding other humanoid objects and why it lives and they do not".

Tests attempting to have D-Personnel wear SCP-21XX have proven successful with SCP-21XX being completely cooperative, though wearers do not have control of motor functions until they ask SCP-21XX and are given permission to move on their own. Physically, SCP-21XX does not feel pain when folded into positions uncomfortable for the human body and is able to fold itself willingly. It can also withstand impossible conditions beyond what a normal hazmat suit is able to endure, also protecting any human or anything inside of it. Tests results have shown SCP-21XX and D-personnel inside the specimen surviving under the following conditions:

  • Fire
  • Deep freeze
  • Electrocution
  • Acid
  • Gunfire
  • Shrapnel blast
  • Explosions
  • Nuclear radiation
  • Chemical gas
  • Exerted gravity
  • Abnormal pressure
  • Vacuum

Though it is apparent that SCP-21XX can withstand 100% of these test scenarios, the specimen will act hesitant to dangerous situations and take full motor control, even after giving full permission to D-personnel wearing it. Dr.Fitpatrick theorizes that SCP-21XX is hesitant due to its “fear of uncertainty”. It is hoped that SCP-21XX can be used for future containment missions and the object class can be raised to Thaumiel.

Addendum 1: There has been an incident involving a D-Personnel that acted hostile while inside SCP-21XX. D-8475 attempted to escape by wearing SCP-21XX and holding Dr.Fitzpatrick hostage with a weapon. SCP-21XX stopped D-8475's movement and folded itself in a position impossible for the human body, resulting in D-8475's death. After the incident, SCP-21XX wished to understand what happened to D-8475. Dr.Fitzpatrick explained the concept of death to the specimen and it went into silence for a 3 months before allowing any personnel to wear it. During the 3 month period, it refused to participate in any tests or academic activities, and instead remained in the fetal position on its cot. Dr.Fitzpatrick treated SCP-21XX during this time with psychiatric therapy to attempt to pull it out of self-guilt. SCP-21XX has been found on multiple occasions attempting self-harm.