Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be kept in an empty cell located in Site-06-3 to prevent the entity from blending in with any of its surroundings. SCP-XXXXs diet cannot contain any small parts such as small bits of meat or corn that the humanoid could possibly disguise as. Researchers of SCP-XXXX are required to keep a mirror with them at all time.

As little human interaction as possible is to commence with SCP-XXXX. Failure to obey this rule could result in the entity learning about researchers and/or D-Class personnel causing realistic human-like illusions. Only certified interviewers will interact with SCP-XXXX and such procedures must be approved and monitored by the Site Director and/or Level 4 personnel.

Description: SCP-XXXX, sometimes referred to as ███████ is a humanoid entity that has been known to disguise as common objects such as chairs or books. SCP-XXXX executes this task by creating a temporary illusion of an inanimate or, (rarely), animate object within a 2-3 meter radius. If a person was to come into contact with the object being created, it would disperse and, (depending on the scenario and complexity of the object), give away the location of SCP-XXXX, assuming it was previously concealed or undetectable. The illusions occurs when SCP-XXXX interferes with the visual sector of the brain bending your reality and triggering temporary but realistic hallucinations. This only occurs when being directly affected by the entity and, as a result, such illusions can be counteracted by the use of a mirror. A common mirror held by researchers of the entity will display SCP-XXXXs true form and position as well as conceal the fake object being created. Like many cases of hallucinations, this can sometimes cause trauma and depression. Personnel are to avoid direct eye contact with SCP-XXXX or its illusions.

Some objects, such as specific humans and animals, are difficult for it to create until it has studied or learned about their appearance and personality. As a side effect, SCP-XXXX is unable to move or render itself invisible while creating these deceptions. To keep things this way and further prevent containment breach, personnel must commence in little interaction with the entity or, if possible, avoid it completely.

The first sighting of SCP-XXXX was recorded in a storage area behind a small supermarket. Although this was the first recorded sighting, it is said that people are believed to have seen misshaped mugs or bookshelves. From this, researchers have gathered that the entity does not wish to murder or mess with humans but rather study them as we study it. Researchers of SCP-XXXX have tracked this back to past experiences that the humanoid could have been involved in, such as [DATA EXPUNGED] and trauma. This, Dr. ████ has concluded, may be the reason that SCP-XXXX feels the need to disguise and hide itself.

Additional Notes and Containment Updates: SCP-XXXX is to be checked on through surveillance cameras at least twice daily. Personnel are to monitor and record any new illusions made by the entity as this could be a sign that it is learning. If SCP-XXXX practices creating anything with human like features such as dolls, dummies or carcasses, it is to be moved to an isolation cell without windows for several weeks. Subject should still be fed regularly.

Permission for further research regarding SCP-XXXXs history has been granted. Dr. ███████ has recently confirmed that the entity was indeed part of a traumatic event involving [DATA EXPUNGED] and investigation. SCP-XXXXs kin should not be mentioned in conversation or future interviews. Tests and studies show that SCP-XXXX reacts negatively to the mention of 'the event'. Further interviews have been carried out by Level 4 psychologist Dr. ████.

No further updates of SCP-XXXX need to be recorded.

Additional Notes and Containment Updates: SCP-XXXX was returned from isolation. Multiple tests were run to discover more about what interests the entity about humans. This resulted in [DATA EXPUNGED] and caused disruption in test results. A second test was run.

All personnel working in Site-06-3 are requested to have a mirror with them, (at least 5cm x 5cm), at all times in case containment breach occurs. Recently [DATA EXPUNGED] occurred and appropriate measures were taken to secure SCP-XXXX. The humanoid was sent back to its isolation cell for 2 months where it [DATA EXPUNGED] personnel. During this time, several attempts to interview SCP-XXXX were carried out. It was found that it only responded to Dr. ████ probably due to past experiments such as [DATA EXPUNGED].