Object Class- Safe
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX must be contained in a standard 10m by 10m padded room to prevent Carbon Dioxide from entering other cells. The object must stay at its site-15 containment cell at all times unless it is being tested on.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an ordinary ATM Machine with an iron-carbon alloy shell. It has a Standard English QWERTY keyboard attached directly under the screen. The object’s anomalous property stems from its ability to take the souls of people who deposit their souls in exchange for any object in existence of low to moderate monetary value. What people cannot deposit their soul for is anything that is of high monetary value.

When the soul has been deposited the person has the average time of ten hours between all subjects, to withdraw their soul or the subject will perish. Depending on the persons harmful or helpful choices.

When a person has deposited their soul in it SCP-2208 the subject will feel a brief ten seconds of exhaustion and fatigue as if they were out of breath. This will be accompanied by the machine shaking violently and small to dangerous quantities of Carbon Dioxide being emitted into the surrounding air. Then SCP-2208 will ask what does the subject like in exchange for their soul it will then proceed to create a exact version of the object or creature requested.

Once an object has been exchanged for a soul an ████████████ will appear on the subject’s arm counting down the time until they can either withdraw their soul and deposit the item or until they die. The only known way to avoid this is to withdraw someone else’s soul if two or more souls are within the machine. If this action is performed the object will say on screen [REDACTED]. The time left on that persons soul will be added to the others causing the second person to perish.

SCP-2208 was found on █/0█/20██ at ████████████. It was found after a series of unsolved cases in the middle of a small town in [REDACTED], where many corpses were found dead from various forms of suffocation, incineration, massive internal bleeding and various ways of organ failure. People who witnessed the unknown deaths said that it just happened instantly as if there was a ████████████████ person killing them. All who had witnessed the deaths were administered a Class A Amnestic. The area where it was found in is under close surveillance until August ██/20██.