Class: Keter

This SCP looks like a alien with legs that cant be moved like a human and have a spiked ball on the knee for damage, It can attack by shooting poison at you or use something like a stone axe
or a gun, It is very deadly if you get on its bad side but it can be friendly and protect you if you don't attack it.

The SCP haves 4 eyes and wings so it can fly a long time and it haves a Cyan color.
It will target anything else but they are very smart with a IQ of 400 and they are powerful.
They can pick up 4 cars without sweating.






This is the only audio recorded about the SCP

CLASSIFIED:So tell me about this SCP.

SGT.Raze: All right, I was scouting a area in the middle of no where and I saw this blue thing
It attacked all of my squad but not me. I don't know why, Maybe it must have been that I was wearing a blue bullet proof vest.

CLASSIFIED:So it attacks anything that's not Blue or Cyan?

SGT.Raze: That's right…

SGT.Raze: Sorry I got Goosebumps.

CLASSIFIED: Its fine, go on.

SGT.Raze: After that it followed me on to the helicopter we came in and that's why its here.

CLASSIFIED: Is that all you know about this thing?

SGT.Raze: Yes…

CLASSIFIED: Ok then we are done here and I will give a order to kill SCP-1994.

SGT.Raze: Wait! Before you do that you need to know something.

CLASSIFIED: What is it?

SGT.Raze" It attacks its Allies.