The Pharaoh's Throne
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in a disassembled state, in a standard storage container capable of storing an object its size (Currently stored with a 1x1x1 meter wooden crate). Following Incidents XXXX-1 and -2, under no circumstances should SCP-XXXX or any of it’s parts come into contact with any fluid unless in an air-tight test setting, with no persons, outside of tested D-Class, with Egyptian heritage (characterized as those born inside of the Egyptian border, of the year 2000) being allowed to witness testing. Testing is only to be conducted with approval of current Site Director, and nearby Site 29 must be alerted, in the event of an incident similar to Incident XXXX-1, to assure a hasty response to another large scale containment breach.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a standard ████████ ████████ brand toilet bowl, the exact model entering production in 199█. SCP-XXXX has a small silver handle on the front of the tank, whereas the original model’s handle was positioned to the side. Following closer inspection after Incident XXXX-1, small runes were found inscribed under the rim of SCP-XXXX, which were first wrongfully assumed to be uneven water erosion. These runes are similar to Egyptian hieroglyphs, but do not correspond to any known word or dialect in ancient Egyptian, or other language. Recording these glyphs during testing has proven difficult, as any camera placed in a position to record them during flushing is considered within the toilet, and has, to date, been destroyed, or rendered otherwise inoperable. SCP-XXXX, under chemical analysis, exhibits signs of being made mostly of porcelain, as would be expected of a toilet of this model, but also contains a rather large limestone impurity.

SCP-XXXX’s anomalous properties become apparent whenever the object is flushed; achieved by pressing down on the lever. When SCP-XXXX is activated, and connected to a suitable water source, SCP-XXXX will dispose of all materials currently in its bowl, regardless of density, size, or other factors that would make it impossible to flush contents in a non-anomalous toilet.

Materials flushed down SCP-XXXX that would not normally be able to be disposed off within a standard toilet are destroyed and not removed to a suitable drain (should SCP-XXXX be connected to one.). Instead, objects are disintegrated and disposed of by unknown means.

SCP-XXXX’s secondary effects can be observed when anyone of an Egyptian heritage witnesses someone use SCP-XXXX for any reason. This person (Referred to as SCP-XXXX-A hereafter) will immediately regard the person who activates SCP-XXXX as an ultimate authority (SCP-XXXX-A-1 was noted as referring to the activator as 'The God King') despite prior understanding of the person’s status, or personal leanings towards or against them. SCP-XXXX-A will begin speaking in an Ancient Egyptian dialect, despite any former understanding of the language. This effect is limited strictly to spoken language, as SCP-XXXX-A will continue to only understand and write in, languages it previously understood.

If any piece of SCP-XXXX is instead installed onto a non-anomalous toilet with the ability to receive such a part, the second toilet will show anomalous properties until the piece is removed. SCP-XXXX will not function anomalously if even a single piece is missing, this includes secondary toilets that are missing parts or are otherwise damaged. SCP-XXXX retains ability to function anomalously following total disassembly and reassembly.

Testing Log
For all tests, SCP-XXXX is connected to normal, localized, water source, separate from site water supply, and also connected to a standard, localized drain, which drains into a large, glass tank, unless otherwise stated.

Test Log A
Purpose: To determine the extent of SCP-XXXX’s flushing capabalities.

Procedure: (Control Test) SCP-XXXX Allowed to fill normally before flushing
Result: SCP-XXXX flushed normally, as expected, water drained into tank connected to drain

Procedure: D-XXXX-1 is instructed to defecate normally into SCP-XXXX and flush after.
Result: Waste and water are drained into connected tank without incident. Water is replaced with clean substitute.

Procedure: D-XXXX-1 is instructed to place a provided bowling ball into SCP-XXXX’s bowl before flushing.
Result: Footage shows the bowling ball disintegrating into a dust that cascades into the water as it is flushed. Only provided water drains into tank, chemical analysis shows no indication of the bowling ball. Water is replaced with clean substitute regardless

Procedure: D-XXXX-1 is instructed to stand in SCP-XXXX’s bowl and flushed, Note that after the prior test, D-XXXX-1 is reluctant to do so, and is bribed with the promise of extra food during next meal to do as instructed.
Result: Both of D-XXX-1’s legs are severed just below where SCP-XXXX’s lid would have come to if it was closed. D-XXXX-1 is reported screaming in agony for only a moment before his pain subsides, wounds are fully healed over, as if surgically amputated in the past. Water drains into the provided tank, as well as small objects that later were confirmed to be things on the bottom of D-XXXX-1’s shoes, as well as D-XXXX-1’s toenails, metatarsals, and phalanges. These objects are to be stored in a secondary storage, and are available to study. Water is replaced with clean substitute.

Procedure: D-XXXX-2 replaces D-XXXX-1, given D-XXXX-1’s refuse to comply with further testing. D-XXXX-2 Is provided with the materials to fill SCP-XXXX with cement, and instructed to do so. Cement is allowed to dry before D-XXXX-2 is instructed to flush.
Result: D-XXXX-2 reports a soft grinding sound coming from SCP-XXXX for 42 seconds before the top layer of cement displays similar actions as the bowling ball from previous test. Water in the tank shows no signs of cement or any chemicals outside those already present in the water’s makeup. Water is replaced with clean substitute regardless.

Procedure: Temperature of Testing room is lowered to below freezing temperatures. Water in the source, SCP-XXXX, and tank, are allowed to freeze. SCP-XXXX is then flushed regularly but D-XXXX-2.
Result: Cracks are reported forming along the surface of the water in SCP-XXXX’s bowl, as well as the water in the source. Ice fragments and turns to shards before melting, despite no change in temperature. SCP-XXXX flushs regularly.

Procedure: SCP-XXXX is disconnected from water source and drain. Totally empty SCP-XXXX is flushed by D-XXXX-2.
Result: Refer to Incident Log XXXX-1, below.

Test Log B
Purpose: To determine what fluids activate SCP-XXXX. From this point, tank that connects to SCP-XXXX’s drain are emptied, so the fluid that dispenses into it can be tested.

Procedure: SCP-XXXX’s source water is replaced with ██████ brand bleach and flushed by D-XXXX-3
Result: SCP-XXXX flushs regularly, fluid that drains into connected tank is chemically identical to distilled water. Incident XXXX-2 follows, refer to Incident Log, below.

Procedure: SCP-XXXX’s water supply is replaced with a viscous material composed of flour and water, effectively still liquid. D-XXXX-3 is instructed to flush SCP-XXXX
Result No reaction, SCP-XXXX reacts as a normal toilet would, if it were not connected to any water-source.
Note: SCP-XXXX only appears to work with fluids, as several tests involving several non-fluid liquids were attempted. Thankfully, it didn’t process that air was the intended fluid, as it did in Incident-XXXX-1
-Researcher R█████

Incident XXXX-1: At approximately 02:14 local time, SCP-XXXX was tested without being connected to any supply of liquid. SCP-XXXX immediately created a vacuum approximately █km around Site ██. The ensuing vacuum damaged nearly all electronic on site and disoriented many site officials, and killing several who were launched against walls and into floors. The vacuum was quickly filled with air as would be expected of any vacuum, though the quick movement of air had a pronounced negative effect on site integrity and local wildlife. Following this, a large scale containment breach followed, killing ██, mostly Security and the D-Class they were escorting and permanently injuring ██. Testing protocols have since been updated.

Incident XXXX-2: Following activation, Junior Researcher █████ (Later confirmed to have been born within the city of █████, Egypt) exhibits first ever documented case of secondary anomalous effects of SCP-XXXX. █████ leaves observation room without Researcher R█████ noticing and attempts to enter testing area of SCP-XXXX. When stopped by security personnel, █████ becomes violent, but is easily subdued by security and restrained. Class A Amnesiacs are administered and further testing of secondary affects of SCP-XXXX is pending approval from Site Director.

Recovery Log: SCP-XXXX was recovered from ████ ████████, New York, 20██ following a report of a man without a head, in it’s place, a cleanly healed over stump, similar to what happened to D-XXXX-1’s legs. SCP-XXXX’s properties were discovered when Agent ██████ was examining the bathroom the civilian was killed within, and he lost his sidearm to SCP-XXXX’s properties. A cover story was placed in local newspapers and SCP-XXXX was replaced with a non-anomalous version of the same model under the guise of being subject to a warranty, and was recovered without incident.