Neural Network Fun

Item #: Dr. O'Herlihy

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: That aurora was pretty nice. Hoskins began seizing the subject as SCP-1054 is believed to have originated with their parent. No individuals are to operate in rotation until the next capsule is ready to accept humans. Subject attempted to preform this act using his uniform and was promptly subdued. Foundation agents unanimously complain about the anomaly. Hoskins may be accessed by the overseeing guard or more hands. Smell them with your nose.

When questioned about the limb’s, the commander of Delta-1380 had previously consumed body of a homeless man. The giants are dead. So sad. This specimen of SCP-1054 should immediately return to its past self and subsequently submerge yourself beneath the water. Probably two dozens of provisions found within this area surrounding SCP-1643. It must be written without triggering SCP-2754's blood sugar level. No people who'd previously consumed any personnel are observed by the camera.

Description: Euclid. It is a former acquaintance of the world. What happened when the capsule is confirmed to possess knowledge comparable to standard human hands? Do you wonder what type of hand is your favorite? Never wake up from its containment area. This specimen is to remain contained within this chamber. When connected to a suitable power source, SCP-291 activates completely. Hoskins will grow over the age of 45. I suppose that confirms the anomalous properties.

Minutes prior, nothing major happened. Currently there is no terminal point to the Foundation. No people make statements regarding its biochemistry. Please proceed with your hands Ms. Wates. Everyone is her enemy. When viewed indirectly, such trademark megalith stands above the world. What happened to your family? Too close relationships favor functional application](/memory ). Hands connected to an individual identifying himself as Dr. Hoskins. Hoskins began seizing heaven from research staff.

When they wanna get your attention, the subject asks to enter the water. Hoskins refused to eat when the production stops. We are going into the coffin. This indicates why you could speak within the last century. Although descriptions are presumed to be genuine, faith claims that this is unknown. Researchers have theorised that SCP-174 may access us. Thank you for your time. I don't understand why you would advocate scaling back the world. The words carved into society are comparable to standard behaviour patterns throughout this time.

SCP-1762 was discovered lying inside the figure. Hoskins was instructed to find out how to become a human. We hope you appreciate these hands. Smell them. How could i have not saved him. Fucking coward. When is it going to matter? Find out.

The book was discovered following the death of:

  • D-5582
  • Lymphatic organs
  • Dr. O'Herlihy

Interview log h-45

Forward: Subject's personality and memories died during the event. Secondary subject also produced five hundred years of research.
SCP-1762: Experiment aims to test this document for more complex narrative methods
Hoskins: Hector Gomez is believed necessary to facilitate interaction with your hands. Smell of the world war is located in containment.
SCP-1762: Those changes are tentatively approved, Dr. Hoskins. When you wrote this, which feeds on the king's left hand was discovered? You are welcome to visit anytime.
Hoskins: Parts of the organism immersed below one adult human reckoning was written on parchment. This knowledge has been classified under protocol.
SCP-1762: This document will be automatically disseminated, including the position of the world? Do you wonder what I'm trying to find?
Hoskins: I did most of the hard work! Maybe you can stand somewhere you can get stuck within. We are going to bury your relationship and subsequently i may pose to prevent the manifestation of this reality!
SCP-1762: Brain death was a fucking chunk of this reality! No tests should be facilitated. Capsule is ready.
Hoskins begins to sob
Hoskins: The world screamed. No longer. You assholes.
Afterword: This time is the last- of any. The Foundation is contained.

Kind-of Work in Progress

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Presumed Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be contained in Site-17's ISO 7 clean room. Research requests are to be approved by the current level-2 researcher assigned to SCP-XXXX. Extreme care should be given when interacting with SCP-XXXX as many of the components are only loosely connected.

Should SCP-XXXX begin displaying anomalous properties consistent with previously documented behaviours, the object class is to be upgraded to safe and all staff should maintain a minimum 10 meter distance from it as a precaution.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a device of unknown manufacture comprised of a multitude of components, primarily electronic in nature. Components include several EVGA® NVDIA GeForce® GTX 1050 Graphics cards, two Beryllium-Bronze icosahedrons with no apparent interior, and suspected parts from []. SCP-XXXX currently is not functional, whether this is due to a lack of power or some other internal malfunction is unknown.

SCP-XXXX was recovered on 07/02/17 by MTF Mu-3 ("Highest Bidders")


Actual Article
Yossi's Version (Slightly Outdated)
Blazing's Version (More Outdated)

Item #: SCP-0000

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-0000 is to be contained in Security Locker #48 in Site-19's East Wing. Personnel are forbidden from viewing the contents of SCP-0000; if viewed, Class-A amnestics are to be administered. Testing with SCP-0000 must be approved by at least one Level 3 researcher.

Any personnel assigned to SCP-0000 who experience inconsistent memories compared to others and/or documentation, are to notify the Site Director immediately. Should additional memories include documents or letters, personnel are to make every attempt to replicate them.

UPDATE - 9/25/19██: All transcripts of recalls reported by SCP-0000-A are to be sent to the Historical Research Division for cross-examination with existing historical evidence.

Description: SCP-0000 is an entirely blank photograph, measuring roughly 9.5 cm by 13 cm in size. Testing of SCP-0000 suggests it is a Cabinet Card3. Reproductions of SCP-0000 through scanning or photography do not carry its anomalous effect.

When exposed to SCP-0000 directly, the subject (designated SCP-0000-A) will begin to recall one or more events. A large proportion of subjects report a form of traumatic event, which in majority of cases leads to depression or anxiety. Class-B amnestics appear effective at counteracting these effects. Non-Fatal Type-I Memetic Hazards are known to be present in certain events, necessitating basic cautionary procedures.

SCP-0000-generated memories share several fundamental characteristics. Memories produced by SCP-0000 always detail interactions between anomalous entities (which, as of 9/25/19██, have included animals, plants, and inanimate objects) and a majority include a "green-suited" task force with unknown affiliations. The subject takes the role of an observer, and not as a member of this task force (with the exception of [REDACTED - LEVEL 4 CLEARANCE REQUIRED]).

+++First Draft Archive section

Interview Extract #: 0000-6-5
D-0000-6: …So I remember the smell of horses and hay, I think I was working near the barn that day.
Interviewer: But you've lived in urban environments your whole life?
D-0000-6: Not me you twat, another me. That me lived off that farm since they were born. I don't think I ever got more than a few miles from it. And yet all I can remember is that specific day. As… As I said, I was working by the barn, loading up some bales, and my wife comes up to help me.
D-0000-6: You know I loved those green eyes. Not that I loved her for them, I just thought that they were a signal of something special about her- the way she could take your arm and lead you to the ends of the earth.
D-0000-6: But that day, they just disappeared. Right in front of me. We screamed and screamed. I don't know what did it.

Interview Extract #: 0000-10-17
D-0000-10: …And it was weird, right, because Frank's always been a hothead. You could never get that guy to be happy. Anyway, I hear him screaming his goshdarn head off about some other minor offense that I've committed against him, and his family, and his church.
D-0000-10: So I stepped out on to my porch to tell him to cool his head off in the well, when I noticed that Frank was hella different. One arm- well- it looked like a giant's arm that was plastered on to Frank's side. All pink and fleshy and in constant motion. I think it was growing as I watched it.
D-0000-10: But then funny enough, this group of soldiers jumped out of nowhere. Uniforms green, but I didn't recognize them. They pushed me down as I saw them go after Frank with their bayonets. He roared and bled grey blood.

Interview Extract #: D-0000-&

D-0000-&: There was always a bit of magic about that place.

Interviewer: The library?

D-0000-&: Yeah. You didn't need to be working there as long as I did, you could just feel it in the air the moment you walked in. The place was just filled with history, quite literally. I could place my hand on the wooden walls and feel otherworldly energy flow through it.

D-0000-&: It didn't take me long to realize I wasn't the only person who spent their time reading books there. Sometimes, if I was really lucky, I could see the words on the pages change before my very eyes. Ink flowed to form new phrases and alter the story ever so slightly. I saw a person like me, a reader, experience the story for himself as a character in the book. I saw him cheer on the hero fighting the dragon, engage in discussion with famous detectives, and act as a witness in dramatic court cases.

D-0000-&: But he left one day, and I couldn't find him again. And then…

D-0000-& cringes

D-0000-&: They burned it. I was dragged out of my house as they set fire to the place. Everything. Just… everything.

++Author Post
Hello! This is collaboration SCP written by YossiLeinerYossiLeiner, BlazingTrailBlazingTrail and I. We all come from the small SCP Declassified reddit. Normally we explain SCPs, but we decided to write one for a change!

Special thanks to the following users for their critique on the forums and IRC chat. We wouldn't have been able to get here without their help.


Day 1, looking good. It's exactly how they describe it: creepy as all hell. I don't know why they decided to put an apartment complex in the middle of nowhere up the Ural Mountains, but they did. As I recall, it was last operated in the 80's by the Soviets, but we couldn't find much documentation describing much else. Oh well.
We had to take a helicopter up here, (some landslide some years ago knocked out the road, and no one's bothered to fix it) which was fantastic. There's no other perspective like it, no good views from a car, and everything looks flat from a plane. We followed the contours of sheer stone cliffs barren of vegetation, the movement of the heli enhancing our depth perception. Everything was just… massive.
We only saw the complex when we were practically on top of it. It's quite nestled in, and camouflaged too. The unpainted concrete really meshes with the surrounding stone. It's quite brutalist- function over form. Which again made me wonder what industry prompted the Soviets to build it.
Landing out front, I got a lot closer look at it. For something that's been abandoned for at least a decade, it's weathered pretty well. I couldn't find much structural damage; most of the windows were intact. Electrical grid was shot though, we're currently running off a generator.
Anyway, we unloaded the equipment, some thermal cams, EVP recorder, Mel Meter, and most importantly, enough supplies for each of us for a week or so. Hopefully we won't be here for too long, I'm not too fond of this cold.
Thanks to the well-sealed exterior, the interior was nicely preserved, aside from several inches of dust everywhere (Johann woudn't stop sneezing). We dumped the stuff in the lobby area, before exploring the first floor. There's a cafeteria, kitchen and what looks like a bunch of administration offices. We only really glanced at them, as we're hoping some true "first reactions" will look on camera.
Since we got there so late, I made the decision to just set up some sleeping areas in the offices when it turned dark and start actually working in the morning. I know a tired team is not a very good team.

I was kinda honestly surprised I slept so well last night. As I was laying in my sleeping bag, I thought the constant creaking and groaning of the wind would keep me up, but I just went out. I think had a dream, about those mountains we saw coming in. I guess they really did leave an impact on me.
Unfortunately the rest of my team didn't sleep as well as I. So much for avoiding exhaustion. We heated up some breakfast and coffee in the cafeteria before we did any work, so at least everyone won't be too bad.
Since we were getting some good morning light, Stephen performed some good establishing shots of the place. One thing I already love about this place is that it looks like everyone really left in a hurry. There's a bunch of dirty dishes in the sink, papers left scattered on desks, flyers pasted on the walls for events I'm betting never happened. I looked at some of the reports on the desk of the office I was sleeping in. Took some pictures, I'll show em' to a translator when I get back to the city.

i reached the end. im so excited