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Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: Due to SCP-3XXX's nature, containment procedures are mostly unknown at this time; however, measures to avoid and/or neutralize SCP-3XXX can be taken to limit the possibility of death when an encounter takes place.

See addendum for additional notes.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a creature of unknown origin that has only ever be observed in the continent of █████████. Although SCP-XXXX has never been confined, numerous eye-witness reports currently exist. SCP-XXXX is a humanoid creature resembling that of a sixty to seventy year old man. Clouded by a shadowy aura, SCP-XXXX has an unkempt white beard, receding hairline, and solid white eyes. Some have reported it's eyes to glow but at this time it is unknown whether or not this is simply light from within the subjects room reflecting off of SCP-XXXX eyes or some form of luminescence.

Although SCP-XXXX is estimated to be 178cm tall it's arms have been reported to surpass a length of ███cm. Each arm breaks up into four thinner appendages approximately 3/4 of the way down the arm, each with joints resembling that of a finger. These appendages are tipped with with a keratin structure that runs into a sharp point, they are incredibly strong and have been seen puncturing solid objects usually without any damage to the nail itself. Sometimes a fine powder residue can be found around the entrances to the holes but this is very unlikely.

Encounters with SCP-XXXX are unavoidable. They can happen at anytime between ██pm and ██am. Although there appears to be no specific pattern to the attack, with the amount currently ranging from 1 a month to ██ a night, no encounters have been recorded to occur during a full-moon. All recorded encounters have happen to a person aged between 11 and 72 sleeping by themselves in a room separated from other family members by a closed door. Encounters will begin by a barely-audible tap on the window that is closest to the sleeping individual. If no window is present then the tap will instead by replaced by a knock on the bedroom's door. If the subject is not waken up by the initial noise the tapping or knocking will begin to gradually increase in both frequency and intensity. This will continue until either the subject reacts in some way to the noise, the glass shatters, or until ██am at which point all anomalous activity will cease. For unknown reasons nobody else in the house will be able to hear the noise produced by SCP-XXXX except for the subject.

If the subject reacts to the noise produced by the tapping or knocking then the sound will instantly cease and a soft laughter will be heard. This will then be followed by SCP-XXXX appearing within the room and [DATA EXPUNGED]

Once captured the subject will first have their eyes removed, due to this any other escape attempts made by the subject will become drastically harder. Only one person is known to have survived after this stage. SCP-XXXX then uses its appendages to wrap around the subjects head and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Effectively draining any contents from within the subject. After the attack the only remaining parts of the dead subject will be matter that is not easily swallowed such as bone, skin, and hair.

Addendum: For unknown reasons if SCP-XXXX views a mirror then it will engage in a fight or flight scenario. Survivors report that after waking up and turning on the light in their room if there is a mirror facing the window SCP-XXXX will go into a blind rage. Appearing in the room it will begin to destroy any reflective surfaces along with any other contents. The subject will be able to use this time to escape from SCP-XXXX by leaving the room and going somewhere where there are other people.

SCP-XXXX has been able to attack subjects on any floor. Whether or not there is a balcony or ledge to stand on outside of the window does not appear to make any difference. The methods it uses to get to the window and stay there for long periods of time are not yet known. It is also able to bypass any locking mechanism indicating a possibility for flying or teleportation. The methods used are most likely the same ones used when hunting down a subject.

The creature appears to be confused by plastics, mainly Polyvinyl chloride, and has been observed getting slowed down or stuck within the material. Possibility for a confinement room made up out of translucent polymer has been considered but additional information on acquiring SCP-XXXX is still needed.