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Earliest documented appearance of SCP-3639, worn by the seated subject.

Item #: SCP-3639

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3639 is to be held in a standard containment locker, available for testing with approval from the Level 3 Contact Researcher.

SCP-3639 is to be worn by a D-Class personnel in a vegetative state, held in an M-Type containment unit. Once per month, they are to be inspected by Agents and medical personnel who have cleared Level-3 psychic resistance training. Psychological counseling is to be made available to all sentient beings which may interact with SCP-3639.

Description: SCP-3639 designates a pair of military footwear, of Hungarian origin. They display wear and tear typical of footwear used in wartime, albeit in wearable condition. Tags and other manufacturers information have been worn off over time, however the initials "K.L" have been branded into the inside of the heel.

Actions taken by subjects wearing SCP-3639, hereafter designated as SCP-3639-1, will cause primary and secondary observers to rationalize any actions taken by SCP-3639-1. If pressed to intervene, they will express ambivalence towards SCP-3639-1's actions, even if they find the actions to be abhorrent, frequently justifying their hesitance by citing some real or speculative equivalence between SCP-3639-1 and the objects or person(s) they take action against.

This effect will persist permanently even after subjects have been removed from the presence of SCP-3639. They will continue to justify and defend the actions taken by SCP-3639-1, until they cease to wear SCP-3639, at which point the affected subjects will be susceptible to argument and amnestic therapy. In addition, those who have not directly witnessed SCP-3639 will also be affected, to a lesser extent. They will defend the actions taken by SCP-3639-1 less stridently, frequently seeking compromise or middle ground regardless of the severity of SCP-3639-1's behavior.

While SCP-3696 has no anomalous properties relating to its physical state, subjects will express extreme reluctance to damage or destroy it. Weaker willed individuals will often take action to protect SCP-3696 from forces seeking to harm them.

History: Manufacturers records relating to SCP-3639 were destroyed during wartime. Historical documents recovered after the fall of the Soviet Union indicate that the Red Army first encountered SCP-3639 in the possession of a Hungarian soldier, SCP-3639-1, who had taken possession of a small village on the outskirts of Budapest.

GRU-P commissars were able to identify SCP-3639's anomalous properties, and were able to terminate SCP-3639-1 from a distance. After testing for potential political uses, they were determined to be too volatile to use and placed into storage. The Foundation was able to take possession of SCP-3639 in September of 1995, as part of an agreement with the Russian Federation.

Addendum 3639-A: Testing Log Records.

Testing of SCP-3639 was initiated by Site-30 personnel after request by Researcher David Bolland, who had been recently promoted from Junior status. It was the first project undertaken by this research team.

Test A - ██/██/████

Subject: D-0127(SCP-3639-1), D-0412
Procedure: D-0127 was instructed to place SCP-3639 on their feet, then destroy a glass jar while being observed by D-0412 inside of a viewing room.
Results: D-0412 wrote afterwards of the dangers of glass and how the actions taken by D-0127 made them feel safer.
Analysis: It appears as though the properties described by the reds were accurate, to some extent. Further testing is required to see if any additional properties emerge. — Researcher Bolland

Test B - ██/██/████

Subject: D-0127, D-0412
Procedure: D-0127 was instructed to take physical action against D-0412, who would be debriefed following the test. Test duration was one hour.
Results: D-0127 initially took minor actions against D-0412, pushing and shoving them to the ground. As the testing period progressed, D-0127 became more violent, eventually rendering D-0412 unfit for future testing. Debriefing is pending.
Analysis: It appears as though D-0127's behavior was exacerbated by D-0412's resistance, which they were instructed not to give. More compliant test subjects will be necessary in the future. We do not have the budged to request future test subjects. — Researcher Bolland

Test D - ██/██/████

Subject: D-0127
Procedure: D-0127 was instructed to attempt a logic puzzle while wearing SCP-3639.
Results: D-0127 did not attempt to solve the puzzle, instead berating the personnel conducting the test. Test was terminated after 45 minutes.
Analysis: Testers are encouraged to take a more conciliatory attitude towards D-0127 to improve cooperation for future testing. — Researcher Bolland

Test G - ██/██/████

Subject: D-0127
Procedure: Researchers were encouraged to interact with D-0127 in order to prevent the need for additional test subjects, while also documenting their interactions to show SCP-3639's effect in a conversational environment.
Results: D-0127 agreed to continue as a testing subject, in exchange for additional accommodations. Research personnel noted that D-0127 did not make unreasonable demands, despite their disposition.
Analysis: Until further notice, D-0127 is to be housed in the research quarters, with appropriate measures being taken in accordance with their D-Class status. — Researcher Bolland

Bolland, this is highly unorthodox. Please fill out the necessary documentation for a meeting with me justifying this move. — Deputy Director MacKenzie

Test J - ██/██/████

Subject: D-0127
Procedure: D-0127 was placed in a standard living chamber, with a sealed door between them and double food rations. Materials to remove the door were placed in their presence.
Results: D-0127 destroyed the door in a violent fashion, ignoring the keycard and other nondestructive tools placed at their disposal.
Analysis: D-0127 is to be given access as necessary to prevent more negative interactions with barriers, as they have been shown to be harmful for persons attempting to meet their goals. — Deputy Director MacKenzie

Addendum 3639-B: Following the completion of the testing battery, SCP-3639-1 had been given full access to the Site-30 facility, living in the quarters of Researcher Bolland's team. A critical mass of personnel on-site had become affected by SCP-3639, forming a shadow chain of authority on-site. SCP-3639-1 used this influence to disrupt on-site activities for their personal gain.

1 month after this state of affairs came to be, off-site communication analysts noticed aberrations in Site-30's reports. SCP-3639-1 had instructed the falsification and misrepresentation of on-site activities, which eventually led to noticeable inconsistency.

At this point, Foundation agents began investigating and quickly contacted unaffected members of the site, who provided intelligence revealing the scope of SCP-3639's influence over Site-30. MTF Eta-10 was deployed, and were able to recover SCP-3639 and terminate SCP-3639-1 via long-distance firearms.

All personnel affected by SCP-3639 were given amnestic treatment and therapy, while all other personnel were reassigned while Site-30 was reorganized due to this critical failure destroying morale and the capacity for research or containment in its present state

Note: After action reporting indicates that the broad majority of staff were not affected by SCP-3639. It was not a matter of a thug taking control of the site and calling all the shots directly. There may not have been more than a half-dozen key persons taken by the effect. It was social and peer pressure that played the main role in allowing D-0127 to seize effective control of the facility for as long as they did. When people are given a role, they tend to follow along. Even if the role is mad. — Agent Hikks