Roget SCP Sandbox 3
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Messaging related to SCP-3276.

Item #: SCP-3276

Object Class: Safe Neutralized

Special Containment Procedures: Anomalous phenomenon associated with SCP-3276 has not been detected for 2 years. Therefore, these procedures may be amended or revised at the discretion of the attending Chief Researcher. Access to SCP-3276 has been restricted by Foundation personnel embedded in the staff of XXX University. Records of anomalous activity have been purged from all known private and public records.

Following the reassignment of the primary research staff, Foundation observers are to make regular notations of its present state during regularly scheduled Neutralization audits. Foundation counseling services are available to all researchers formerly or presently associated with SCP-3276.

Description: SCP-3276 is a dormitory located on the residential sector of XXX University's campus. On April 18th, 1976, an adult female student named XXX XXXX committed suicide by hanging inside SCP-3276's closet. Following this event, SCP-3276 began to manifest spatial distortion phenomenon. At this point, XXX University closed off the room and it remained unoccupied until containment was enacted by the Foundation 2 months following the closure.

SCP-3276's primary effect consists of introducing an alternative state of mind upon its occupants.