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I use them for various writing projects of both fictional and non-fictional variety.

Please let RogetRoget know if you are aware of a sandbox page authored by him which is not listed here as he has many and there may be oversights.

Fiction Writing Current Project
Sandbox 1 "Rewrites" <no topic>
Sandbox 1 "Rogetbox" SCP-5200, posted
Sandbox 1 "Things" Half-written wondertainment piece
SCP Sandbox 1 "Tales" On Proper Miscommunication, posted?
Sandbox II "Progect Box" History of the Wanderers Library
Sandbox II "Rewrites" SCP-1035 rewrite
Sandbox II "Rogaybox" Collectively controlled canines, posted
Sandbox II "Terrifying" <no topic>
Sandbox II "Trinitron" Safe Room
Sandbox II "Quandra" Empty SCP formatting
Sandbox II "Virtue" Solidarity Forever outline
Sandbox II "Send In The D-Class" Convenience store tale
Sandbox II "Oh god! The dreadlords!" <no topic>
The Topiary "Bonus" Titters the angry bird
Kaktuskontainer Sandbox "Dilbert" Arcadia Game Store SCP
Wanderers' Sandbox "Dewey" Rumor Story
[] Contest work
[<sandbox link>] <no topic>
Collaboration Sandboxes Current Status
Sandbox III "2 Turbo" unfinished Arcadia Polybius draft
Sandbox III "Notgull" not_a_seagull collab posted, page hijacked to make ballad of the fifth arcadian
Sandbox III "Log"> not_a_seagull experiment log collab page
Arcadia Collab Arcadia Exquisite Corpse
[ McRoget Site Charter Redux
Staff Productivity Current Status
SCP Sandbox II "Work Page" <no topic>
The Topiary "Yellow" Page owner: Elogee FishTruckElogee FishTruck
SCP Sandbox II "Helen Admin Commands" Page Owner: DrMagnusDrMagnus
[ Elogee Chamber "Update" Current M*A*S*T front page/navigation bar update mock-up
Guide Curation for Dummies Written by LeveritasLeveritas for M*A*S*T
[<sandbox link>] <no topic>
[<sandbox link>] <no topic>
Essays & Projects Current Status
The Topiary "GoI Power Rankings" Thimkin Bout It
Sandbox I "SCPodcast" Iced 04/28/2012
Sandbox III "Gibbon" History Of The Universe Part VI
Other Sandbox Links Current Status
The Topiary "Collected Works Artbook" An Xmas gift from Elogee FishTruckElogee FishTruck :) thank you!
Sandbox I "Achievement Badges" In need of a sequel

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