Shoddy containment procedures:
A perimeter of 5km around the building is to be secured and surveillance has to be established, to determine if the effect is expanding. No civilians are permitted entry.
No pregnant personnel or civilians are allowed in a further 20km range, and any instances of scp-xxxx-2 are to be terminated onsite.

Scp-xxxx describes an circular area of 10 kilometers in germany, near the bodensee. No more than 1 sentient being1 can physically enter the area. Any additional attempts to enter, result in a newtonian stalemate of all forces, effectively rendering it impossible for two humans to enter.

If a qualified human successfully enters the premise, all of their clothes and other objects on body are exchanged with others, identical in weight. These are commonly analogous with the style found in popular tv-shows of the "sentai" genre, which often involves one or more people in full body costumes fighting highly themed monsters.
Specifically, subjects become said monsters.
These individuals (termed scp-xxxx-1 for the duration of their stay) instantly start behaving in a manner often compliant with the monsters from the sentai genre.

This behaviour includes for example:

  • Loud screeching, or imitating screeching
  • Flailing their arms from side to side
  • Growing up to 70 meters high, while producing coloured smoke2
  • Proclaiming allegiance to an entity named "Zhantthorrh the destroyer of souls"3
  • Describing the numerous ways, in which trespassing would be punished4

Notably, no instance has ever made an attempt to "conquer the earth" or even expressed such intentions.
Additionally, no instance has ever spoken in a manner, conflicting with the guidelines for youth protection against profanities in the country of origin of any present personell.5

All instances have at some point within the hour of entry proclaimed to be "too tired to play more" and exited the perimeter. Preventing this is similarly obstructed by a total nullification of all force.
Upon exiting the perimeter, every instance of scp-xxxx-1 returns to their normal state, excluding the costumes, which proved to be non anomalous and can be discarded.

Incident report xxxx-a
On ## ## ####, security personell Miranda Kerr entered the area of the anomaly by accident, while leading d-class personell around the premise, to ensure no expansion of the effect occurs.
This resulted in the d-class escaping, and miss Kerr becoming an instance of scp-xxxx-1.
Of note is, that miss Kerr was pregnant at the time.
Upon conclusion of the incident, she successfully recaptured the d-class and reported the circumstances as they occured.

However upon the child reaching the age of #, it instantly (at 12:00 midnight +4) propelled in the direct opposite direction of scp-xxxx. This occured at speeds of approximately mach ###, resulting in massive damage to an area of ## kilometers, with the shockwave reaching around ## kilometers before abruptly halting.
This incident resulted in several thousand casualties and required a massive amount of foundation assets to contain.

Upon review it was discovered, that the force enacted upon the child was analogous with the approximate movement of matter within scp-xxxx, from the first time agent Kerr entered the area and the incident.

Any pregnant intelligent beings entering the area are designated scp-xxxx-2 and should be terminated, before any offspring can reach the level of sentience, triggering scp-xxxx's effect.