Episilon-11 before heading into SCP-3XXX before containment.

Item #: SCP-3XXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-3XXX is currently being contained in Provisional Sector 3 of Area 17. SCP-3XXX is to be contained in a 4 x 4 x 4 m. ice-proof glass chamber with a 10 mm thick iron roof. A steel railing 2 mm thick must be placed around SCP-3XXX along with an elevator moving from the top of SCP-3XXX's containment chamber to the bottom of SCP-3XXX. All subjects who go past the railing must stand clear 1 m. from SCP-3XXX to reduce subject injuries and/or death.

SCP-3XXX's containment chamber must have two floors: the main floor with SCP-3XXX and everything included in the first section of the procedure and a second floor serving as a "watch area" and containing the controls for the elevator. The second floor can only be accessed by Site Security and Foundation researchers due to recent maintenance issues of SCP-3XXX's containment chamber.

Any investigation of SCP-3XXX must be done by Epsilon-11 personnel and allowed by the Site Director. Any other investigation by any other squad and/or personnel will not be allowed.

Description: SCP-3XXX is a large ice crater with a 7° m. diameter with thick gourmet ice layers located in ████ ████, Antarctica, which origins remain unknown. SCP-3XXX possesses many layers that make SCP-3XXX tougher. SCP-3XXX's first layer has a smooth, but hard crust made of ice which is resistant to physical damage. The second layer is composed of harder gourmet ice, but more of this layer has more hydrogen atoms than the usual H2O composition and blocks off oxygen from SCP-3XXX. The last layer is composed of unknown materials since no person has been able to dig completely through SCP-3XXX's layers.

The effect(s) caused by SCP-3XXX to other subjects and SCPs are as follows:

  • 1. Since SCP-3XXX blocks of oxygen, the subject(s) and other human SCPs are already weakened if they don't wear oxygen masks if they aren't already provided. SCP-3XXX releases a dry ice neurotoxin if any oxygen manages to get past the second layer of SCP-3XXX.
  • 2. If the subject/SCP is still alive or manages to resist the effect, SCP-3XXX freezes on point where the subject/SCP is standing on, freezing the subject/SCP from the waist to the feet. SCP-3XXX then entraps the subject/SCP in a cold, hard block of ice.
  • 3. If the subject/SCP manages to break this block of ice (which is certainly impossible), SCP-3XXX will then start to block any subject/SCP from the surface and crushes them into walls of dry ice. The dry ice wall will hold for about 3-5 minutes.

SCP-3XXX was first found by a mining expedition crew who went ice harvesting for future research. An hour after the team had found their harvesting area, one of the expedition members went scouting to take scenic pictures of the landscape, but unfortunately fell deep into SCP-3XXX. Upon the death of the expedition member, MTF Zeta-9 was sent in to investigate the following death and SCP-3XXX. All expedition personnel was ordered to leave the following area.

There have been multiple locations that SCP-3XXX has been seen by the public eye. One location has been seen at █████ █████, Ohio, United States, located northwest of the campgrounds and has been registered as SCP-3XXX-01. Another location has been seen at ██████, Iowa, United States, eastwards of the city and has been registered as SCP-3XXX-02. The last location of SCP-3XXX has been seen at ██████, Sweden and has been registered as SCP-3XXX-02. These instances of SCP-3XXX do not connect to each other but have the similar effects caused by SCP-3XXX.

Addendum 3XXX-01: Due to recent experiments involving subject deaths and multiple injuries to Foundation personnel, testing purposes of SCP-3XXX are to remain on hold as of ██/██/████.

Addendum 3XXX-02: Testing purposes are to be continued as of ██/██/████ by orders of Site Director █████. Containment purposes with SCP-3XXX will still be continued.

Addendum 3XXX-03: The origin of SCP-3XXX has been found by Foundation personnel using several ancient paintings dating to the Stone Age. SCP-3XXX was caused originally by small rises in temperature during the day that reached to about 15°F (-9°C). These rises in temperature caused melting to the nearby ice caps, which allowed for openings to the surrounding waters. The melting ice caps collided with the landscape SCP-3XXX laid on and caused more openings to occur in SCP-3XXX. The opening was blocked off by more of the colliding ice caps and froze with SCP-3XXX.

The temperature again rose and there was soon a small cave that grew inside SCP-3XXX. The cave was soon discovered by English explorers who settled on the nearby ice caps while counterstriking American forces on the southern border of the Atlantic ocean. The explorers were very interested in the foundation of SCP-3XXX and decided to launch a mining project that would last for 9 (nine) years. Unfortunately for these explorers, the mining project closed when an avalanche occurred and blocked off SCP-3XXX.