Rouge demon

SCP-9227-A is not contained. We have not found a way to contain it yet. There are no words to describe this monster. Dr. A-— was the first victim. We had just neutralized SCP-9227-when she went up to it. We don’t know exatly why. Dr. A—- was burned from head to toe in acid. SCP-9227-A then proceeded to kill 500 other men and women. We have used every containment we could think of. All attempts were failed. Avoid this SCP at all costs.

Journal entry number—

Everyone, that I know of has evacuated or has been killed. I think I’m the only one left in the facility. SCP-9227-A is still here as well. I’ve figured out many thing about this specimen. It can’t see well, so if you stay still, and absolutely silent, it won’t kill you. You can’t move a muscle. It won’t eat anything dead. So I know I’m safe when I’m asleep, as long as I keep my door shut. I’ve survived three weeks with SCP-9227-A. My name is Dr. W——.

Journal entry number —

I think I found out how to befriend SCP-9227-A! This is a huge breakthrough! One day I was eating lunch and it was just sitting there. It walked over to me and I thought it would kill me. I will wright more later, I have more research to attend to.

Journal entry number —

I was wrong. So very wrong. I was doing regular mateninece work when SCP-9227-A came up behind me, and began to tear at the skin on my back. I have managed to put bandages on the wounds. I fear they may be infected. But, I have managed to find out more information about SCP-9227-A. It prefers to be called “Tod für alle”. When translated, it means “Death for all”. It has learned to speak, read, and write. [End of journal entry's]