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SCP-XXXX during testing.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is stored in a standard secure containment locker. SCP-XXXX may only be accessed with retinal scans of two or more research staff assigned to it. Use of SCP-XXXX on Class D personnel, security officers, field agents or MTF operatives is strictly prohibited. Requests for use of SCP-XXXX for staff may be made by filling out form XXXX-2b. All testing of SCP-XXXX is discontinued pending review. SCP-XXXX may only be used on individuals following psychological testing with requirements of moderate to high altruism levels and no antisocial tendencies regardless of rank. SCP-XXXX may only be tested on subjects with terminal illnesses owhose life expectancy is less than two years or who are at high risk for lethal suicide attempts and have exhausted all other means of treatment. Exceptions to this policy require site director or higher authorization, and all unauthorized attempts at access will result in immediate disciplinary action.

Description: SCP-XXXX is similar to a standard 10-20 system EEG setup. The lead is a set of 63 electrodes composed of platinum, iridium and a material of similar molecular structure to SCP-148. The base is a plastic housing containing a pulse generator of unknown manufacture, although it is believed to be constructed by individuals associated with Prometheus Labs. The base bears an inscription of ἀν ἄλγος, translated from Greek as “without pain”.

SCP-XXXX was recovered from what was thought to be the site of the execution of a Ukranian organized crime family by an unknown rival in the city of Kiev. Due to findings from follow-up testing of SCP-XXXX it is now believed the structural damage, executions, mutilation and emaciated bodies were results of SCP-XXXX use.

When placed on a subject’s head and activated SCP-XXXX delivers a series of electrical impulses which cause permanent changes to the voltage-gated sodium channel SCN9A in the dorsal root ganglia. This altered activity permanently results in mild gradually increasing euphoria and an inability to feel any physical or emotional pain. Subjects display no startle response, report no negative emotions and appear peaceful and relaxed regardless of the situation. In circumstances when this affect is inappropriate subjects reported being aware they ‘should’ feel distress, but are undisturbed by their circumstances. Subjects suffering from anxiety, depression or emotional trauma report immediate abatement of all symptoms.

All subjects experience an initial period of increased productivity, as well as uninhibited behaviors. The behaviors exhibited appear dependent on personality variables, most notably anti-social traits and altruism levels. All test subjects are required to undergo weekly medical examination to prevent them from exacerbating unnoticed injuries. All test subjects are required to undergo twice weekly psychological risk assessment.

Individuals with antisocial traits display increased aggression in the first month after use of SCP-XXXX as demonstrated in incidents XXXX-01 through XXXX-██. Due to the psychological makeup of Class-D personnel, experimentation with D-class personnel is strictly prohibited.

Follow-up analysis of SCP-XXXX exposure has indicated that every security officer, field agent and MTF operative who were test subjects were killed. While the majority were killed in the course of their duties, there have been ██ incidents similar to XXXX-04. Of the casualties in the field 73% were incidents of heroism through disregard for personal safety, while the remainder were due to slowed reaction time. Use of SCP-XXXX discontinued restricted following incident XXXX-04.

After nine to fourteen months, subjects begin to report complete deterioration of motivation for all self-directed activity. This period begins with lowered productivity, progressing to infrequent speech, inability to complete activities of daily living, and lapsing into a comatose state with subjects retaining a peaceful expression even while experiencing the effects of starvation. During this phase subjects become highly suggestible and will follow commands to continue working, dress themselves and eat for a period of six to ten months. Commands provided by authority figures or loved ones appear to be followed for a longer duration than other Foundation staff. Subjects provided with feeding tubes have at the time of this report been kept alive for over five years.