Thumb Weaver
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A loom of the make and model of SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is currently stored in Site-28. The object should be stored in a 5m x 2m room with a cumulative fire-proofing of 5cm (consisting of asbestos/perlite boarding) on all surfaces. Personnel should be screened according to background checks; no personnel of British origin/ancestry should interact with SCP XXXX. No British personnel should be assigned to/near SCP-XXXX Containment. This does not extend to British citizens of non-British origin.

From the period of August the 23rd to November the 30th, (23/8 - 30/11) every year, the object should be used once (1) a fortnight to construct a minimum of 1m3 of fine cotton muslin. Experienced weavers are not required.

The warp beam, heddles and harnesses/shafts should be replaced after each period of annual activity. Previous components may be taken in for study, but should not come into contact with sewing/weaving implements of any kind, except under controlled testing conditions. The frame should not be disturbed, though woodworm/signs of rot should be reported to Dr. T█████ Research Assistant "Rubi" and treated accordingly. Personnel maintaining SCP XXXX should use hand-spun yarn as required.

Upon completion of maintenance procedures, personnel must report to the medical bay for psychological screening and trauma therapy. Subjects showing signs of racially motivated violence should be dosed with Class-A amnestics and reassigned to other projects. Subjects should not come into repeat contact with XXXX to minimize risk of casualties.

Description: SCP XXXX is a standard 25.40cm x 33.02cm handloom, predating the current "Prabhat ██████████ ████ Ltd." model. Examination has shown SCP XXXX to be from the mid 1800s. The object shows wear consistent with base materials, including small scratches and a negligibly warped frame. In this state, the object is at rest/dormant and exhibits no anomalous properties.

The object has shown resistance to burning, immersion in acid and cutting. However, the metallic components are subject to corrosion in the presence of water and may be replaced. All aspects of SCP XXXX can be removed and replaced, sans the frame. The new components become integrated to SCP XXXX.

Attempts to recreate the anomalous nature of SCP XXXX have been partially successful; the completion of a loom using any fragment from the original results in a chain of three (3) anomalous events:

  • The loom bursts into flame and burns the subject upto their elbows. Assembly by robotics results in the operator being burnt in the same manner.

Note: Though the subject is inevitably burned, remote operators suffer 1st degree burns as opposed to 3rd degree burns in subjects that make physical contact with the artifact. -Research Assistant "Rubi"

  • The flames swirl to form a "face". This has been described by 75.80% of onlookers as being an elderly woman with a hooked nose and no teeth. The apparition has "hair" made by the rippling motion of the flame and in 9 times out of ten, has been reported to be wearing it in a hand-bun at the nape of the neck. Efforts to identify the entity have met with failure.

Note: the bun is reported to be "skillfully arranged" from the observations of female personnel. Dr. T█████ also noted that the arrangement would require a minimum of waist-length hair in humans.

  • Upon total consumption of fuel by SCP XXXX-a, the apparition will disappear with high-pitched vocalization, termed by observers as a "shriek" and the expletive "█████" in Bengali which translates to "Dog"(a highly insulting phrase at the time).

Note: while SCP XXXX fragments are anomalous, the fabric produced is perfectly ordinary, albeit finer than modern muslin fabrics. The fabrics are safe to use as medical gauze, or can conversely be sold. The muslin has been valued at £2/cm2, as opposed to standard £1.40/cm2 muslin.

History: SCP XXXX was recovered from the British ██████, London, England, following the anomalous death of a maintenance worker.

Mr. Reynolds (45) was found in front of the artifact's display case with both thumbs severed at the carpals, and the remainder of the fingers severed at the metacarpals. Two messy puncture wounds were present in the middle of the palm. The victim's arms showed first to third degree burns resulting from large-scale infernos.

The cuts were clean and on examination revealed that they were made by sharp but short (maximum of 2cm long) blades. The punctures were inflicted by an implement pointed on the inner side with smooth (possibly curved) outer edges. The puncture depth was consistent with the surmised blade length and all wounds(save for fire damage) were concluded to be from sewing snips. Mr. Reynolds died of heart-attack prematurely, leading to no manifestation of fire.

Agent Wu, embedded as a Foundation advisor at the ██████ was able to retrieve the object without incident.

Addendum XXXX-01: UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS SCP XXXX TO BE APPROACHED BY italic textPERSONNEL(D-CLASS OR OTHERWISE) OF BRITISH DESCENT, BY EXPRESS ORDER OF O5-COMMAND. SCP XXXX has time and time again exhibited the ability to burn though all standard issue suits. With the reassignment of Dr. T█████, any test proposals should come to me or Dr. Karen Miller.

Personnel are required to undergo background checks to ensure that they share no British genetic markers. Cleared personnel may handle SCP XXXX. -Research Assistant "Rubi"

Addendum XXX-02: The object has shown some degree of sentinence, in the sense that it seems to have a memetic effect. If left unused, SCP XXXX will attract the nearest British person to itself and initiate XXXXE01. There seems to be no determinable limit to its operation radius. However, following revised SCPs has resulted in zero (0) casualties since implementation.

Addendum XXXX-03: wounds are consistent throughout testing, and in conjunction with the elderly apparitions within XXXX, the weapon in question was concluded