Item #: SCP-xxx

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: All SCP-xxx are to be kept in their respective containers on Site █ when not in testing. SCP-xxx-A, SCP-xxx-B, and SCP-xxx-C are to remain in fire-proof combination safes. Note: Combination is subject to change each week. SCP-xxx-4 is to be kept within safe as well when not in testing.

^^ SCP-xxx-4 not in use. ^^

Description: SCP-xxx are three (3) nuclear warheads (Labeled SCP-xxx-1, SCP-xxx-2, and SCP-xxx-3), metal containment lockers that the missiles reside in (Labeled SCP-xxx-A, SCP-xxx-B, and SCP-xxx-C) , and a single old command computer used for launching missiles. (Labeled SCP-xxx-4). SCP-xxx missiles do no give off any radiation from themselves. SCP-xxx-1 must be handled with all nearby personnel wearing hazmat suits and after any handling of SCP-xxx-1, must be thoroughly examined for any effects (Following Addendum-xxx-A). SCP-xxx-1's tip is painted with red Behr brand spray paint with no further features that differ it from SCP-xxx-1 or SCP-xxx-2. SCP-xxx-1