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Site Security Chief Geoff Merton stood in the doorway of the Overseer Council chamber. The room was shrouded in darkness, illuminated solely by a bank of eight television screens on the wall across from him. As he stepped inside, he detected the faint but unmistakeable odors of burnt gunpowder and blood, and drew his pistol.

Slowly, he walked toward the televisions. Each showed a different scene, and in the center of each frame was a dead body. As he moved closer, be began to make out facial details; they were all members of the council. Two had hanged themselves, three had apparently taken poison, and the remaining three had died of self-inflicted gunshot wounds.

Suddenly, a voice came out of the darkness surrounding him: "We fucked up, Geoff."

Merton turned to face the source of the voice. The figure stepped closer, and in the dim light of the televisions he recognized him as O-4. In his hands was an M-4 carbine. Laying on the floor behind him were three more bodies.

"We fucked up bad."

And with that, O-4 pointed the barrel of the gun upward, pressed it tightly against his chin, and pulled the trigger.


scp_autoscribe version 1.0.7
Job ID#: 000841414
Filename: bombtest_unedited.mp4
Created: 03:07:17, 17 November 2021
Duration: 31:19
Heuristic Analysis: File is a video depicting two human males describing a test procedure involving an anomalous weapons system. Males identified as Dr. Roger Weyden and Dr. Lauri Peltonnen. Filming location identified as Mojave Desert, 17.2km south of Site-91B.
Teleological Analysis: ERROR (Reason: No such technology exists)
Ontographic Analysis: ERROR (Reason: No such technology exists)
Zeta-Sigma Analysis: ERROR (Reason: Concept not compatible with reality)
Parahaptic Analysis: ERROR (Reason: No such technology exists)

Begin Transcript

Weyden: From out of frame. You're on, Pel.
Peltonnen: Okay, so I describe a bit the purpose of the testing and the object here that we test. Dr. Weyden and I design a device, an, um, bomb, really, that… Roger, I think maybe you speak?
Weyden: Stepping into frame. Why?
Peltonnen: Just the speaking with the English, is not so good?
Weyden: Got it. Turns toward camera. Okay, Dr. Peltonnen has some final preparation work to do before we set this baby off. So, anyway, the device on the tower back behind me is something we call the "consensus stabilization pulse generator." Yeah, and in editing I'll paste a photo of the thing right there so you can see what I'm talking about. [Autotrans interjection: No such edit was made.] I wouldn't call it a bomb per se, since it's intended to replace on-site nuclear failsafe systems rather than use on a battlefield or something. Basically, when the thing goes off, it generates an expanding sphere of reality-stabilized space, effectively nullifying any anomalous objects or conditions inside.
Peltonnen Out of frame. Right, I go to the tower and check the wires.
Weyden To Peltonnen. Yep, just be back here in 15 minutes. To camera. Okay, what I've told you sounds a lot like a standard reality anchor. But this puppy has a neat trick up its sleeve. In order to increase the power of the device, it exploits the Scranton-Hume manifold's ontological potential to [Autoscribe interjection: Explanation redacted due to length. For a full transcript, use command line arguments "-full", "-verbose" or "-debug".] Transcription resumes at 17:43, as Peltonnen steps into frame.
Weyden: To Peltonnen. Good to go?
Peltonnen: Okay, hundred percent good.
At 17:59, both Weyden and Peltonnen step out of frame. From 17:59 to 31:19, Weyden and Peltonnen remain out of frame and only voice is recorded for both.