the living boom-box

Item #: scp 2015

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: The containment procedures used for scp 2015 are as follows: it is to be held in a sound proof room with rods forced through its skull at odd angles,he is also not to have anything with a microphone or speaker nearby for fear of containment breach by breaking the soundproof glass. The d-class personnel are to check the rods every 3 hours with sound proof headphones but is not allowed tools in which to do so. when it is startled anyone who has a microphone attached to headphones shall here a high frequency scream that after prolonged listening will cause total collapse of the case of a containment breech scp 2015 should be approached with extreme caution.

Description: scp 2015 stands at 9 feet tall and 250lb with a large vented neck which produces high frequency screams. scp 2015 is a relative of scp 096 thus they look very similar in stature but are very different. scp 2015 not imune to scp 008 but cant be killed by it. the only creature able to kill scp 2015 is scp 682 by means of decapitation however scp 2015 is asexual so if left unmoniitored it will create a clone thus meaning that it can be studied for a long time. scp 2015 is known for the excessive screeches that it makes while has sharp claws and can rip a man clean in halve. and its thick skin can block bullets to tank shells.

Interviewed: prof. French,colonel Stevenson and d-class Hubbard
Interviewer: NTF solder kerpinski
Foreword: the interview of these three people went well but during Colonel Stevenson's interview there was a containment breech but was subsided thanks to the NTF.

<Begin Log> 5/x/20xx 9:15 am

we start with prof. French
he described his exposure to scp 2015 as "how was your first encounter with the creature" "rather interesting none the less but still felt ominous"

we move on to colonel Stevenson
he reported seeing first hand what had happened to an unlucky d-class that got the headphones that at the time hadn't had the microphone removed "did you experience something in the chamber" he said this "yes i was there the day the accident happened but i feel no pity to the d-class'

then finally d-class Hubbard
he recalls that fateful day wen that d-classes skull collapsed "'yes i was there and i don't like the feeling i get around it like its feeding on my mind" "and what is this feeling" "like i was being watched"

<End Log> 5/x/20xx 10:15pm

overall scp 2015 is a very dangerous thing and should not be taken lightly