Item #:SCP-###

Object Class:-Safe


Special Containment Procedures-SCP-### is to be kept in a standard containment steel vault with dimensions of, 8cm by, 2m by, 5m devoid of all light. Any form of light source(s) is to be kept
100m from SCP-###'s vault. Access is by a lock and keypad access to the key is permitted for level 3 personnel or higher and the keypad code is only to be known by level 4 personnel or higher and kept in the SCP foundation computer database only accessible to level 4 user(s) or higher. if containment vault is entered for any reason(s) the individual(s) entering must be in a full body suit manufactured completely of black nylon fibre as this color has been shown to void SCP-###'s effect. SCP-### is to have a inferior organism absorbed at all times.

Description SCP-### was located in a warehouse at ███████ city in ████████ ███████. SCP-### is a mirror in the victorian fashion made of mahogany wood with gold leaf edging and what appears to be glass, but through further investigation is shown be an unidentified substance. When scanned through infrared/echolocational manner it is revealed from a label on the back of SCP-### that it was manufactured in the year ████ in the city of ███████ in ██████████ ███████ at the█████████ family's workshop investigation of this area has shown no abnormalities. Any non-microtic organism that is reflected into SCP-### will immediately seem to relocate within the mirror at a seemingly random location and will be rendered inanimate. note that SCP-### may only contain one organism at a time. further investigation of the mirror post-absorption of an organism has shown that it is not actually within the mirror but a acrylic paint-like substance on top of it. one un-varying factor of the scenery the mirror will change to is this area will always be very heavily populated and if this area is located it is shown that a freeze-frame of the organism will be present there as shown on the mirror although it will never be tangible. It has also been shown that only organisms that have experienced any interaction with the absorbed organism pre-absorption have visibility of it. if paint is cleaned from the mirror the organism will immediately disappear from the shown location and the mirror will seemingly revert back to its typical state.