Jump Blocked

This specimen seems to have unknown powers to the floor it's touching. Living things on the same floor as this creature will be unable to jump. Reasons for this is unknown. It will slowly move towards you. When it's on its own, it will go towards the closest bit of elastic, or bouncy material.

Special Containment Procedures: Keep in a large room with different platforms for it to be on. If it is kept on a flat material, it will get agitated and has caused casualties before. It is recommended to have as little personnel as possible. If it needs to be removed, it can't be touched. If it is, whatever is touching it will have a sudden lower of body temperature. It will need to be carried

Description: A small; clear; cylinder-shaped jelly-like blob. It can grow and change shape when agitated. It does little movement when far away from any elastic material. The origin of this creature is unknown, but it was found very recently by a worker.

Additional Notes: This creature seems to avoid animals, especially herbivores. It also seems to change into a weak shade of blue if this does come near an animal. It is said to be edible, but with the temperature side effect, this cannot be tested.