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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: When SCP-XXXX is in Foundation control, it is to be kept in a sealed containment chamber designed to standards required to block gamma and nuclear radiation, and contain viral and bacterial outbreaks.

Remote monitoring must be conducted at all times. After a SCP-XXXX-CHG event, the SCP-XXXX and any SCP-XXXX-1 object(s) are to be treated as unknown entities capable of possessing latent radioactivity, biohazards, cognitohazards or other spatial anomalies until deemed inert by Level 4 personnel with the appropriate clearance. No personnel above Class D are to enter the chamber until it is deemed safe. No personnel above Class D may enter once 12 hours have passed after a SCP-XXXX-CHG event. Once 12 hours have elapsed after a SCP-XXXX-CHG event, no sapient beings may enter the SCP-XXXX chamber until the next SCP-XXXX-CHG clearance cycle.

MTF Mu-5 ("Book Club") has been virtually assembled and should be notified in case of containment breach.


SCP-XXXX normally presents as a book titled "Children of Schizophrenia" by K█████ Robinson, copyright 1975. It initially contained 357 pages and weighed 524g, but was otherwise unremarkable. SCP-XXXX changes form and content on irregular intervals. These changes are catalogued as SCP-XXXX-CHG events. SCP-XXXX-CHG events occur a minimum of 2 days 12 hours apart, with an observed maximum 2 weeks. The observed median between SCP-XXXX-CHG events is 5 days.

SCP-XXXX is typically book-like or an information-dense equivalent, such as an audio book on tape, or an unbound set of looseleaf notebook pages. However, multiple anomalies have arisen since SCP-XXXX was contained.

It is currently theorized that the object(s) cannot have a total mass more than 524g, or less than 305g, as these are the minimum and maximum masses observed since containment.

The following is a summary of the history of SCP-XXXX testing, events and incidents. Full detailed reports are available in Documents XXXX-A thru XXXX-F.

Date Description
06/15/1975 Object came into Foundation control and designated SCP-XXXX. Categorized as Safe.
06/20/1975 First SCP-XXXX-CHG event. Text on 40 pages differs from initial containment object. Remainder of object appears identical.
06/21/1975 Testing begins. Researcher B█████ makes a mark in the corner of pg. 6.
06/30/1975 SCP-XXXX-CHG event at 0816. Researcher B█████ checks pg. 6 for mark - mark has disappeared. Text differs on 65 pages, and text length has changed to 381 pages.
03/04/1980 SCP-XXXX-CHG event, leading to Incident SCP-XXXX-01. The book, still titled "Parenting Up: Life with Disabled Family" is 100 pages shorter, with test marks and burned pages restored. 6 objects appeared in the bottom of the SCP-XXXX containment locker, later identified to be the tips of human fingers. Researcher B█████ collects these, now labeled SCP-XXXX-1 and stored in SCP-XXXX research archive.
03/06/1980 SCP-XXXX-CHG event. Book appears intact, with 88 new pages added. No further objects appear in the storage locker. SCP-XXXX-01 remained in research archive and did not disappear during the event. Following Incident SCP-XXXX-01, research is to be conducted only during the 48 hours following an SCP-XXXX-CHG event.
06/03/1980 SCP-XXXX-CHG event leading to Incident SCP-XXXX-02. 4 human fingertips appeared in the storage locker during the event, and stored in research archive categorized as SCP-XXXX-02.
06/09/1980 Researcher B█████ requests reassignment, following erratic behavior and persistent belief that SCP-XXXX-01 and SCP-XXXX-02 belong to him. Reassignment granted after standard psych eval conducted. No cognitohazards or memetic dangers have been found in or on any SCP-XXXX object. Categorization remains Safe.
06/11/1980 Researcher D████████ assigned to SCP-XXXX.
06/17/1980 SCP-XXXX-CHG event. All writing and title of SCP-XXXX appear in an unknown script.
08/18/1983 SCP-XXXX-CHG event causing Incident SCP-XXXX-05. A large explosion damaged Site-██, destroying █ containment lockers containing SCP-████, SCP-████, and SCP-████. SCP-████ was destroyed, with the others sustaining various damage, including [DATA EXPUNGED] It is theorized that the explosion was due to the SCP-XXXX object being made of antimatter. Data analysis is available in Document XXXX-C. Object could not be located following the incident.
08/22/1983 SCP-XXXX-CHG event, causing SCP-XXXX to appear in the destroyed section of Site-██.
08/23/1983 SCP-XXXX was relocated to Site-122 and upgraded to Euclid.
10/04/1983 SCP-XXXX-CHG event. The book was found to be hollowed out, with ███g of viral biohazards and ████████ inside. Minute amounts of argon were detected in the chamber air supply, as well as in the composition of SCP-XXXX.
10/06/1983 Dr. Trengrove assigned to head research of SCP-XXXX.
02/11/1984 SCP-XXXX-CHG event causing Incident SCP-XXXX-08. Cognitohazard detected on pg. 100-105. Memetics notified and cleared all nearby personnel as uncontaminated.
10/29/1987 DNA testing has revealed that SCP-XXXX-01 and SCP-XXXX-02 are a 99.99% match to Researcher D████████, despite his still possessing all 10 hand digits, and previous reassignment to Site ███. SCP-XXXX-03 thru SCP-XXXX-15 results are inconclusive, with the exception of SCP-XXXX-10, which are a 98% confidence match to Dr. Trengrove. SCP-XXXX-04, 08, and 11 do not appear to contain DNA of homo sapiens, containing between 2█ and 4█ chromosomes.
9/18/20█3 Hume readings of SCP-XXXX show a level of 92. Current Hume level of Dr. Trengrove measured for control purposes on same date confirmed to be 91.


SCP-XXXX came into Foundation possession after reports of it surfaced at the University of █████ ██████. Dr. S█████ Robinson, a professor of engineering, had been making statements around the campus that the book had appeared in his office bearing the name of his deceased daughter K███, who had been stillborn, as the author. Dr. Robinson was treated with amnestics and released.